Amazing tree houses ideas to build your kids dream backyard


Especially, kids love to play in outside. One of their favorite spaces is local dark. As a guardian, we always want to give the entertainment to our children. Going to the outside in the same park can be boring for them. If you’re looking for a fun park experience for your kids, our amazing tree houses are an excellent option for you and your family.

However, cool tree houses for kids are a fantastic addition to backyard design. This house is really entertaining to kids.

Every child dreams of having his amazing tree houses in the backyard. This place becomes their world.

But before you fulfill the dream for your child, you need to consider these

5 tips to build amazing tree houses.

Remember, safety comes first.

1.Choose the right tree

The success of your house is in choosing the right tree. Try to make a tree that is already old but healthy. The thick of branches is enough to support the weight of the house. The most recommended trees are maple, oak, hemlock, and spruce.

2.Take into account weight and stability

You should build the platform as close to the trunk by adding a diagonal support to ensure that it supports uneven loads. In addition, the load should be supported at the base of the tree and not on one side. If you live in a place where the winds are strong, take care to build the house in the lower part of the tree.

3.Level the floor

If you make the level floor, you will save yourself from another problem. Ideally, place beams through the branches and between trunks of different trees.

4.Uses flexible brackets

Especially if you build the house on more than one tree, it is very important to use supports that will allow the trees to move and balance naturally. In addition, try to use lag bolts and not through bolts, because they will decrease the risk of your tree. We want the house to last a long time, do not we?

5.Talk to your neighbors and find out about the regulations

It is important that you do not exceed the square foot limit allowed in the area where you live. In addition, if your home will be seen from the neighbor’s backyard and will cover a view of the one he enjoys.  Is there any discussion between you? You’d better check it out.

10 amazing tree houses ideas

1.Tree Pod Backyard Hanging Tree House

amazing tree houses
Tree Pod Backyard Hanging Tree House

This fantastic house has very easy and quick set-up. It will bring a lot of fun and love for your kids. You don’t need to have any hammer or nail to adjust this tree house in the backyard. It’s very cool product. You just need ropes to hang it. Check it now on Amazon.

2.The Little Blue Tree House

Amazing tree houses
The Little Blue Tree House

This house is absolutely fantastic. You can easily place it in any wooded area with its pop color. If you wish it for an adult hangout, you can take the advantage of it as it will fill up both requirements.  The house will amazedly double your kid’s happiness.

3.The Pirate Tree House

Amazing tree houses
The Pirate Tree House

Do you own any pirate tree house? But I did it for my kids’ fun! This house is great for you. It has a plenty of room to move around inside. 3 to 5 people can easily accommodate there. It’s fully safe for kids who are more than two years. Kids can view nature and have a lot of fun.

4.The Simple Tree House

Amazing Tree house
The Simple Tree House

The best tree house is the basic one. It’s really perfect for your kids’ playing. The tree house is an open one. It can also be used for adult social gatherings. If you come to the safety, just tell your child to climb with the help of a ladder. Anyway, kids will love the house though it’s a simple one.

5.The Tree House with a Deck

Amazing tree houses
The Tree House with a Deck

This coolest tree house is a great place to get social gatherings for all kind of people. The inside of the room is large enough to store 2 or 3 couple of people or more. You will also find that there is a big deck which will fully cover it. As it’s summer now, nice summer gatherings you can pass there.

6.The Lean-To Tree House

Amazing tree houses
The Lean-To Tree House

This gorgeous house recollects me of a lean-to. It includes 4 walls and a slanted roof. The roof has a gap between the walls for ventilation purposes. This is another modern tree house which can be great for your kids but it is not perfect for adult use. If your little one becomes crazy for it, you should give a close consideration on it.

7.The Matching Tree House

Amazing tree houses
The Matching Tree House

This incredible tree house is absolutely loveable. If you are really a great lover of nature, this fantastic house is perfect for you. It will enrich the charm of your backyard. You can learn adventure through this tree house.

8.The Tree Fort

Amazing tree houses
The Tree Fort

This is a kind of small tree fort. Kids of all ages can enjoy playing on it. There is also pulley system where you can store all pieces of toys. Besides, your kids can enjoy a lot of fun there.

9.The A-Frame Tree House

Amazing tree houses
The A-Frame Tree House

The A-frame tree house is a traditional style tree house or a kind of aristocratic one. If you want to give your kids a traditional childhood memory that includes having dirty, playing outside and playing in the tree house, this conventional tree house can be a nice option.

10.The Picket Tree Fort

Amazing tree houses
The Picket Tree Fort

It looks like it has a picket separation or a privacy kind of fence around the sides or back sides of it. Besides, it doesn’t have any coverage and it’s similar to a tree deck. Kids will enjoy a lot!


The reclaimed wood is environmentally friendly but may not be as strong as new wood. Be cautious when picking up reclaimed wood and do not use it for any of the weight-bearing parts in your amazing tree houses.

Never climb on the roof of your house in the tree.

You never leave the house in the tree to the ground. Always use the ladder.




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