10 Fun Art Activities for Preschoolers that you should know


Hello, guys! Welcome back to another episode! Today, I’ve another awesome content for you like my previous content fun art project for kids. It’s going to be 10 fun art activities for preschoolers. If you’re mom or dad, you’ll be crazy while reading the super article. You should know the 10 things to enhance your kid’s artistic sensibility. Let’s jump directly into the 10 coolest points.

10 Fun Art Activities for Preschoolers that you should know

1.Cow drawing crafts

Hey, I’m going to talk to you today how to teach cow coloring page to your kids. You just need some art materials list like–





–Tissue Paper

–Construction Paper

The most important thing, you have to remember when you’re teaching art, is that your kids have the access to all kinds of making arts. The other thing is that let them do what they like to do.

Then, you can go step by step what you’re doing. You can arrange a construction paper with the cow drawing picture and let them allow gluing the spots on the cow with a marker. After that, they can put space where they like.

Actually, they’re not only doing something their own but also they can count how many spaces the cow has.  Then, give them glue to grass the paper and let them put the different colors crafts on gluing space where they like to do. Let them express their own creativity.

How to make it:

2.Simple Drawing Fork Flowers

This drawing is very simple and quite interesting. Every preschooler can easily make it. You’ll need some sort of materials like—

–A sheet of paper


–Finger colors

First of all, tell your kids to steep the fork on the color, and then let them press the fork on the sheet. They can put where they love to do. Even, your kids can choose different colors according to their desire. Now say them to put finger on any color to draw the flower leaves just like forks style.

The main thing is that let them express their artistic feelings.

Check now how to make it:

3.Wax-Resist Art

Make an invisible drawing art and give it life to magical appearing wax resist art tactics. It’s very simple and interesting. Your kids will love it just because it’s very addictive. Preschoolers will find it very fascinating.

Art Activities for Preschoolers
Wax-Resist Art

For the process, you’ll need best art supplies

–White crayon

–Watercolor paper

–Watercolor painting


What you have to do —draw a picture on the paper with white crayon. Now put paintbrush on the watercolor, and then paint around the paper to reveal your drawings. Your little one can do this process to make their gift card and greeting card etc.

4.Learning Colors with Balloon

This is really interesting and educative play idea for your kids. You will just need to collect—

–A bunch of different colors balloons

Now, swell the balloons one by one and give your kids to play it. You can teach them different colors. One more interesting thing you can do, just take a piece of balloon and crash it. Then, ask your kids what’s its color. It will be very effective and your kids will learn so quickly.

Check now:

5.Draw a feeling

This game is very funny and so interesting. You can play with kids. What you need to do is, jut hide a comb, a pencil, a banana or a ball in a bag. Now say your little one to touch the object but he can’t see it. Then, ask your kid to draw what he has felt. He will try to draw what he has found. In this way, you can increase their motor skills.

6.Make silhouettes with parts of your body

Art Activities for Preschoolers
Make silhouettes with parts of your body

This game can be done with a child or two but it is more fun when there are several of different ages. Ask the children to place their hands and then their feet on a poster board. Draw a line around and cut out the silhouettes. Put them together and ask the children to find theirs by superimposing them on their hands and feet.

7.Painting with string

Art Activities for Preschoolers
Painting with string

These art activities for preschoolers can mess up a lot. Cover the table with newspaper and dress the child in an old shirt. Fold several white sheets in half and fill some bowls with paint of different colors. Give the child a piece of string and tell him to wet it in the paint and drop it on the sheet of paper in loops. Then, the paper is folded in half marked so that the rope is printed on both sides and lifted carefully. The operation is repeated with the other colors. If the child is very small, it is convenient to use only one color at a time to make it easier.

8.Fun treasure boxes

Art Activities for Preschoolers
Fun treasure boxes

Another fun art activities for preschoolers you can do for your kids is to make treasure boxes to keep their pirate party accessories just like gold coins, chocolate, or other favors. You will just need—

–A few small shoe boxes

–Tissue boxes

–Some Glue

–Construction paper

–Paints and marker

First, teach the children how to cut out strips of construction paper that is similar to wooden planks. Then glue the strips on top of the box so it can look like a wooden treasure chest/toy storage box. Once it’s finished, the kids will have a lot of fun by furnishing their own treasure box. If it becomes, they can put their small pieces of items.

9.Fun Baby Bed

Art Activities for Preschoolers
Fun Baby Bed

You can manage a bed for your kid’s teddy, doll or their favorite stuffed animals(Diy stuffed animal storages) out of a big cardboard box. Then, use old blankets and towels for bedding. And put a mild pillow and baby blanket if you have that one. Now leave your kids there and they will enjoy a lot roaming here and there.

10.Coloring books or papers

art activities for preschoolers
Coloring books or papers

Basically, kids love drawing and doodling. They become so enthusiastic when someone is looking at their work. They always want someone will look at them and observe their fun activities. So it is a super way to make them busy and keep their mind jolly.

If you like our content that’s based on art activities for preschoolers, just share and comment below. And stick at for new episode.




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