Advantages of Using the Best Baby Carrier for Dad

Best Baby Carrier for Dad

Best Baby Carrier for Dad-One of the big questions for many recent dads, having a baby, is whether to use a baby carrier or not and what to do, what type of mainly baby carrier to choose—Ergonomic backpack, scarf, shoulder strap … It’s a dilemma!

But today we will try to help you with a post that seeks to be as practical and useful as possible, to accompany you in your decision and make your way a little easier. Cheer up!! Carrying the best baby carrier for dad is wonderful! Let me tell you why.

Advantages of Using the Best Baby Carrier for Dad

There are many!! Take note because after reading our list of super advantages, you will have convinced yourself to use a baby carrier for your prince or princess!!

  • The position of the baby in an ergonomic baby carrier is perfect to encourage proper development. It is the so-called “frog posture “, which is actually the natural posture for the baby—flexed legs (knees higher than the bum) and curved back in the shape of a C. We should not correct this position but always look for the baby carrier that we choose to guarantee the correct posture for the child.
  • The effective bond between mom and dad with their baby is reinforced. Your kid will feel loved, safer and protected, calmer and will be happier. In the end, all these positive feelings in the baby will have an impact on their good health! More tranquility, security and greater personal satisfaction come as a protective mother/father to the carrier. It gives you the treat to take them close—it’s wonderful!
  • Very comfortable to breastfeed your baby! By being always close to you, mom will breastfeed more often, and breastfeeding will be the great beneficiary.
  • A better vision of the world from a baby carrier! You will love seeing everything you see, and you will learn a lot from observing your surroundings. Will be delighted!
  • It is a way to make your baby an essential part of your day to day life since he will live with you! You can maintain everyday activities at home, shopping trips or with friends…
  • All these positive feelings will undoubtedly make you cry less! The babies ported by their mom or dad are happier and they are calm since they feel their mom’s heart next to their—there is no stroller that matches it!
  • You are constantly caressing and pampering your baby while you have your arms free to do anything else—Very comfortable!!

Types of baby carriers

Let’s see what types of baby carriers you can find to take your little one with you. Each one has specific characteristics that make it suitable for different stages in the life of your baby, and we will discover what they are.

Scarf :

It is a very versatile ergonomic baby carrier with varieties for all tastes. Among the scarves, you can find:

Elastic scarves:

It’s great for pregnant women, newborns, and premature babies, up to 9-10kg of weight. Specifically, elastic scarves are perfect for moms and dads who have no experience.

They are very pleasant to the touch and allow you to change the position of the baby without having to undo the knot of the scarf. Pre-knotted knots can be made that make your life much easier!

Woven scarves:

It’s Very strong and resistant, they are ideal if you want mainly baby carrier that you can use from birth to 4/5 years of age. From 9 kg of weight, this is the ideal scarf!

Things you should know before buying the best baby carrier for dad

We know the advantages of carrying our baby; we must choose the type of baby carriers we are going to use. And how are we going to do it? You may feel a bit saturated with the amount of information you can find on the internet. To get to the point, let’s summarize the main characteristics that we should look for in our ideal baby carrier:

Best Baby Carrier for Dad

  • It must be an ergonomic baby carrier, in order to respect the natural “frog” position that the baby adopts instinctively.
  • It’s very important that it should be comfortable for you and also for the baby. You are going to spend many hours together!
  • If your baby is a newborn or has little time to live and still do not hold the head (from 0 to 4 months), it is essential to choose a baby carrier that holds the head properly, supporting it against the carrier.
  • For slightly older babies (4-8 months), the baby carrier should hold you perfectly up to your neck.
  • For babies who support themselves without a problem (8 months onwards), the support must be secured to the underarm area.

What are the best baby carriers for dad?

1.BabySteps Ergonomic Baby Carrier with Hip Seat for All Seasons

The BabySteps ergonomic baby carrier is the best-known baby carrier and the most practical for moms and dads without experience.  Besides, it’s an ergonomic and user- friendly with 6 different carrying positions and easy to use.

Best Baby Carrier for Dad
BabySteps Ergonomic Baby Carrier with Hip Seat for All Seasons

One of the best things is that you can be sure it will keep your baby in the correct position. You may find other backpacks are not ergonomic, but this type of baby carrier respects the baby’s physiology and is very comfortable for both the baby and the parents.

A baby carrier is very useful and suitable for use in babies with more than 3 months of life. With the ergonomic backpacks, you can take the kids in front and back, up to 3-36 months!



#   Suitable for 3-36 months

#   6 different carrying positions

  Made of 100% Cotton and Polyester

#   Maximum weight capacity: 20kg

#   Adjustable waist belt

#   Not for a larger man

#   A bit small waist belt

2.Brighter Elements Ergonomic Baby Carrier with Hip Seat

This is the favorite baby carrier for families because it is the most practical and easy to use. Its use is recommended after 3 months and this backpack is specially designed to carry smaller babies ergonomically.

This baby carrier really helps babies to grow 6 months old to a cute toddler age. This cozy carrier has 5 different height positions to carry your baby with a good comfort.

Besides, this best baby carrier for dad consists of a panel, a belt and padded straps that fasten and fit simply to the body of the carrier, hip and back too.

best baby carriers for dad
Brighter Elements Ergonomic Baby Carrier with Hip Seat



  Recommendation for 6 months to toddler age

  5 different height positions to carry a baby

#   Maximum weight capacity: 15kg

#   100% money back guarantee


 #   A bit low-quality material

  Not for plus size

3.Boba Air Black – All New 2017 – Breathable mesh shoulder straps, Padded leg openings for extended support and comfort.

It can be used comfortably from birth to approximately 3 years of age. It consists of 100% nylon with padded leg opening. It’s the ideal baby carrier to carry the baby to the hip (from 6 months).

That makes it perfect for certain occasions: Babies, who like to look forward, and babies who want to feel free carrying in hot climates because the baby has less contact with the body of its carrier and very restless children (who have the famous “up and down”).

The baby can also be carried in the back although it requires a lot of technique and practice. One of the good things is that it includes shoulder straps for the padded mash.

Best Baby Carrier for Dad
Boba Air Black – All New 2017 – Breathable mesh shoulder straps, Padded leg openings for extended support and comfort.



 #   Made of 100% nylon

  Padded leg opening for your baby

  Breathable mesh padding on the shoulder strap

#   Maximum weight capacity: 20kg

 #   Suitable for taller man

4.Baby K’tan ACTIVE Baby Carrier, Black Sport Mesh

The scarf is a long piece of cloth with specific properties and is used to tie it to the body.

It is ideal for newborns because it is the baby carrier that gives the best shapes to the baby’s body. The elastic scarf is recommended for new parents because it is easier to use.

You must keep in mind that this wrap-style baby carrier supports a maximum of up to 15 kilos and it is not advisable to use them with premature babies because it does not guarantee too much support.

The rigid scarf is the most versatile baby carrier because it can be used from birth to 3 years or more. It comes in different sizes to allow you to make all kinds of knots to carry forward, to the hip or back. The rigid scarf provides better support and safety when carrying the baby.

Best Baby Carrier for Dad
Baby K’tan ACTIVE Baby Carrier, Black Sport Mesh



 #   Maximum weight capacity: 15 kg

#   Breathable and temperature control

#   Machine washable

#   Double loop for safety

 #   Not suitable for large baby

5.LALABU Dad Shirt (L, Simple Gray)

It is really different and an excellent option to comfortably carry your baby. This best baby carrier for dad is a really evolutionary model that can be used much earlier. Lalabu is so simple wearing dad t-shirt that develops the bond between child and dad. It’s a unique opportunity for dad and mom to pass the time with your baby with this stylish babywearing shirt

There is no wrapping, tying or adjusting but what you have to do is just slip the baby in the pouch.

Best Baby Carrier for Dad
LALABU Dad Shirt (L, Simple Gray)



 #   Ideal and stylish shirt for dad and mom

  No wrapping, tying or adjusting the process

#   Made in the USA

#   Breathable mesh panel

 #   Small one

  A bit expensive than quality

Above all, carrying your baby with you in a baby carrier is an unforgettable experience … And our kids grow up so fast!! That’s why we should take our time with them to the fullest!

If you want to really enjoy the full time with them, there is nothing better than looking for the best baby carrier for dad!





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