What should you consider when buying the best pool cover?


Welcome to our guide the best pool cover of the moment! We all love to enjoy our pool, but do we keep it properly? To take care of your pool, especially during periods of least use. It is essential to provide it with a cover that protects it during the coldest months of the year. In this way, your pool is protected from frost, storms or falling leaves typical of the winter months.

What should you consider when buying the best pool cover?

The first thing to consider choosing the best pool safety cover is the type of pool for which it is intended. If it is a heated pool, you must choose a high cover that allows you to use it during the winter. On other hands, if it’s a pool that you only use in the hottest months. It will be enough to acquire a blanket type cover that protects the installation.

The price is one of the fundamental factors to take into account in any purchase. If you want to protect your pool with a cheap cover, you should bear in mind that its low price doesn’t mean a loss of quality in its materials or size. But if you want a high product, you have to pay for quality.


If you’re looking for a cheap pool cover, there are two materials that are the most valued by its users. There are the canvas pool covers that keep the installation clean and protected. On the other hand, you can also find plastic covers for pools that provide a guarantee when maintaining our installation.


The measurement of pool cover is very essential for performing the function properly. The size of the cover must be large enough and its protection is effective. In fact, our advice is that the cover should always be large than its actual size.

Easy to use

It’s also essential to assess the comfort when placing the pool safety covers. In this aspect, once again, the canvas and plastic covers stand out above the rest.


To avoid problems with your purchase, it’s always important that the brand of the pool cover offers you a long-term guarantee to avoid inconveniences.

5 Best Safest Pool Covers Recommendation.


Intex Solar Cover for 12ft Diameter Easy Set and Frame Pools         Rubelle 3524-4 Super Winter Pool CoverIntex 12 Frame Set Pool CoverPool-Mate 572040R Sandstone Winter Pool CoverBlue Wave 20-ft x 40-ft Rectangular Leaf Net In Ground Pool Cover


best pool coverbest pool coverbest pool cover best pool coverbest pool cover


144 x 144 x 15 inches28 x 28 x 1 inches144.1 x 144.1 x 9.8 inches29 x 21 x 5 inches528 x 288 x 0.2 inches


2.6 pounds12 pounds6.83 pounds22 pounds22 pounds

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5 Best Safest Pool Covers Reviews

1.Intex Solar Cover for 12ft Diameter Easy Set and Frame Pools

best pool covers
Intex Solar Cover for 12ft Diameter Easy Set and Frame Pools

In the number 1 position of our ranking, we place a cover for round sheet pool. Its measure is 12 ft with a low price, very economical

considering that its material is much more resistant than the usual of this type of cheap pool covers.

With this cover, you can keep the water temperature, reduce evaporation and protect the pool from environmental dirt. Thanks to the maintenance of the water temperature and its cleaning, you can also achieve a saving in the filter of your pool, since you’ll extend its useful life for a longer time.

best pool cover
Intex Solar Cover for 12ft Diameter Easy Set and Frame Pools

Special Feature:

-It is used to maintain the water temperature, reduce evaporation and protect the pool from   environmental dirt

-For round-shaped pools with 12 ft

-High-quality material



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2. Rubelle 3524-4 Super Winter Pool Cover

best pool covers
Robelle 3524-4 Super Winter Pool Cover for Round Above Ground Swimming Pools, 24-ft. Round Pool

Now, we speak another model of round pool cover. It’s a cover available in many sizes, from 12 foot to 33-foot pool. Therefore, you have a wide variety of measures to choose from to adapt the cover to the size of your pool.

All of them, regardless of their size, are made in navy blue, while inside, they have a black layer to avoid letting outside light and avoid the proliferation of algae. With this cover, your pool is perfectly protected and minimizes cleaning tasks preventing dirt and keeping the water in good condition.

It has a winch and cable to secure the cover through the reinforced grommets. The cover is made of heavy-duty polyethylene with 10 years warranty.

best pool cover
Rubelle 3524-4 Super Winter Pool Cover

Special Feature:

-Blue exterior color to keep out the outside light and, therefore, avoiding the proliferation of   algae

-Protects the pool and minimizes cleaning tasks as it prevents dirt; helps to conserve water in good condition; essential for a correct winterization of the pool

-Plasticized steel cable and adjustable tensioner; contains a drain in the central area

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3. Intex 12 Frame Set Pool Cover

best pool covers
Intex 12 Frame Set Pool Cover

This round pool cover comes now with a cheap cover model for swimming pool with an excellent quality-price ratio. It is a circular model of the

Intex brand for $13.80 in its largest size with measures of 12 foot.

In all cases, this Intext model is made of a resistant material which ensures a perfect protection of the pool as well as the correct maintenance of water temperature.

It is available in blue, and it has a reusable carry bag for storage. Besides, it decreases evaporation by 95 percent and it retains heat on the pool.

best pool cover
Intex 12 Frame Set Pool Cover

Special Feature:

-Measurement: 12-foot solar pool cover

-Weight: 6.83 pounds

-Made of durable material, it is available in blue

-Easy storage


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4. Pool-Mate 572040R Sandstone Winter Pool Cover

best pool covers
Pool-Mate Sandstone Rectangular Pool Winter Cover

At the top of our ranking, we place a model of

pool cover that’s very economical and high quality. Again the Pool-Mate brand offers us a good quality pool cover in a size of 20 x 40-ft. Pool.

It is made of highly resistant polyethylene to inclement weather and dust. The cover also has small holes to prevent accumulation of water. Thanks to the brand, the cover can be securely attached to the pool and is highly resistant to wind and storms.

This is a perfect cover to maintain the temperature of the pool, as well as hygiene and cleanliness without the presence of annoying insects. In addition, this type of roof reduces the evaporation of water by up to 95%.

best pool cover
Pool-Mate 572040R Sandstone Winter Pool Cover

Special Feature:

-Professional-quality pool cover

-Measurements: 20 x 40-ft. Pool

-Made with resistant polyethylene

-5-foot overlap for easy installation

-Weather resistant with 12 years warranty


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5. Blue Wave 20-ft x 40-ft Rectangular Leaf Net In Ground Pool Cover

best pool covers
Blue Wave 20-ft x 40-ft Rectangular Leaf Net In Ground Pool Cover

Knowing all the aspects that we must value when covering our pool, and take into account that we greatly value the economic factor; we are already with our final ranking of the 5 best pool covers.

We started our ranking with a simple and economic model of the Intex brand. That perfectly fulfills its function of protection and care of the pool water and its structure.

Now, Blue Wave is another perfect model for rectangular pools; save your pool from decaying with leaf. Its measurements are 20 feet x 40 feet pool with a weight of just 12.62 pounds, which makes it a lightweight and easy to place model. This leaf defender is made of durable woven polyethylene and it ensures 4-year warranty.

best pool cover
Blue Wave 20-ft x 40-ft Rectangular Leaf Net In Ground Pool Cover

Special Feature:

-Ideal for leaf defender

-Measurement: 20-ft x 40-ft

-Made of durable woven polyethylene and it has black mesh fabric.



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Advantages of using the best pool cover

The pool will always be clean

The use of pool covers is especially indicated for the autumn months. During those months, you can prevent your pool from getting spoiled continuously with the fall of the leaves of the trees.

Security for children and pets

The cover of your pool can also work as a security to avoid incidents with the smallest of the family, and even with your pets.

Temperature maintenance

Even if your pool is not heated, the fact of using a cover will always keep the pool water at a good temperature. If, for example, you cover your pool during the night, the cover will prevent the water from falling a few degrees and the next day, it will be perfect to take a bath from early in the morning.

Water always in good condition

Especially for winter months and in outdoor pools, the use of a cover will help you maintain the good condition of the installation and the pool water. When the bathing season comes again, you will find that under your roof, there is a pool with much better water. You will save work, time and money.

The cover prevents the evaporation of water in the summer months

Therefore, if you use a pool cover for the hottest months and protect your pool at times when you are not using it, you can prevent the water from evaporating.

You will not have to refill your pool as much as often to maintain the water level. The savings will be important.

There are a few buts that you can put to use a pool cover. The aesthetic aspect can be one of its main disadvantages. Well-maintained pool always looks much better. If you choose a wide or furled cover, you must look the space it occupies.

In this guide, we focus on the cheap and best pool covers that can be found in the market, especially made of high-quality materials. If your budget meets any of our given products, you can go for it.






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