Creative DIY pallet playhouse ideas for backyard fun


Kids’ DIY pallet playhouse is those where childhood memories are made. My age is almost 60. When I was a kid, I saw my father was making the playhouse for me sacrificing weekend after weekend. He didn’t repent a moment of it. It was something that his kids would enjoy for years yet.

I still remember our childhood playhouse was with great fondness. It was a day that would go history down. Now, I feel proud and say my child and grandchild ‘I was there’. I realize I was the part of unforgettable history. When I recollect my childhood, I feel like giving the outbreak of cry.

If you are planning to give any ultimate gift or playhouse, you can choose our top 10 DIY pallet playhouse for your little one.

Top 10 DIY Pallet Playhouse Ideas for Backyard Fun

1.A Wendy Playhouse Plan

A Wendy house is a playhouse of the British version. Besides, there is no difference between Wendy and playhouse. They are small in sizes. The gorgeous house looks beautiful and perfect for kids’ playing. You can build it in your backyard or garden. With a little imagination or fantasy, kids can create a unique and special moment on the playhouse.

DIY pallet playhouse
A Wendy Playhouse Plan

They can pass hours of enjoyment!  The special house stands 78″ high, 92″ long and 48″ wide with an extra 28 inches wide deck or porch along the front. Kids can play, sleep or read on the playhouse. They can draw their imagery thoughts, feelings and ideas, and get the same feelings of the bedroom. You can build it or just buy now from Amazon.

2.A Free House Plan

The free house plan is a nice choice at present. I don’t prefer it because it takes a lot of time for making. At the same times, I won’t stop you. If you are a hard worker, the excellent playhouse is a good alternative for you. This small house looks great, and it’s a perfect size.

DIY pallet playhouse
A Free House Plan

The simple straightforward style of the tiny house allows you to personalize it and offers a design that fits in your family. This version could be a bit traditional, but with different types of materials, it’s much more whimsical or a bit modern. Besides, its different color plate can change the whole view and character of the house. Just buy now from Amazon.

3.Traditional Playhouse Plan

I like this classic playhouse cottage! It looks traditional. But, it’s great for your kids as it has an aristocratic design. It provides 5′ tall kids door at the front porch and a good standard adult size door on the side. This dimension makes it a super easy to transform into a garden shed or studio once the children are grown up.

DIY pallet playhouse
Traditional Playhouse Plan

You’ll notice the perfect utilization of your worth money when your kids will grow up. The back porch is another cool feature. The ceiling of the back porch is a bit higher than the front porch. This permits the aged kids to comfortably use it as a potting bench area.

Oh, did I tell you it offers a storage room? That’s true! You can keep anything from garden collections to toys on it. Just buy now from Amazon.

4.Storybook Playhouse Plan

This storybook playhouse looks like a whimsical style and it fully fits into its surrounding. This playhouse has no exception but carries the sign of fictional design. There are a number of rooms for kids’ playing and even a few especial characteristics. A built-in bed nook with a pullout trundle makes it an excellent ideal space for camp outs!

DIY pallet playhouse
Storybook Playhouse Plan

It’s one kind of big design we offer you. Besides, the footprint size of the playhouse is 9’-8” width, 12’- 5” length and 13’-4” height. On the other hand, this gorgeous cottage has 2 options of the large side window. Your kids can play, read and make a huge fun there. They will get the same homey feelings. Just buy now from Amazon.

5.Flutter-By Cottage Plan

If you are looking for a good playhouse or potting shed, flutter-by playhouse plan will be a nice option and give a sense of whimsy in your garden. The playhouse comes up with an operable window wall where kids can enjoy the butterflies dancing among the hanging flower basket. They can also watch the birds charming on a bunch of trees’ branch.

DIY pallet playhouse
Flutter-By Cottage Plan

At night, the basket can easily be replaced with lanterns to give light in your garden. Besides, the playhouse physical description is 6-9 inches wide, 7-10 inches long and 9-2 inches height. In this playhouse, kids can make a lot of artistic works and make them disappear in the fairy kingdom.You can build it or just buy now from Amazon.

6.8×8 Playhouse with Loft Plan

Get started making this classic house today! It’s really fantastic selection for your kids. They can get the feel of their dreamy house. The 8×8 inches floor plan and straight forward looking style make it the perfect DIY project. Besides, the small upper loft window is another place to modify your house.

It can be a salvage style window but kids will get more fun there! Through the window, kids can enjoy the naturalistic view. The 8×8 DIY pallet playhouse features 8-0 inches wide, 8-0 inches long and 11-8 inches height.You can build it or just buy now from Amazon.

7.Gingerbread Playhouse Plan

This lovable gingerbread playhouse with an 8×8 inches footprint provides a number of rooms to play, sleep or read. It features a loft large enough for a twin size mattress and has an aged size kids’ door at the end. It’s great if you’re just looking for a playhouse that can be actually used as storage latter.

DIY pallet playhouse
Gingerbread Playhouse Plan

The DIY pallet playhouse has wooden shatter rather than glass windows. But, windows can be substituted if you like. Besides, the footprint size of the playhouse is 8-0 inches width, 8-0 inches length, and 11-10 inches height. Sleeping on the soft mattress, kids can fade away in their dream world.Just buy now from Amazon.

8.Cottage Playhouse Plan

If you’re looking for a spacious DIY pallet playhouse plan, cottage playhouse is an excellent choice for you. Do you seek for a dream house for your kids where they will fulfill their desire? This beautiful dream house is a wonderful option for them. It has a plenty of room for kids to sleep, play and make fun.

DIY pallet playhouse
Cottage Playhouse Plan

The imagination can dream up there. The custom column really includes a touch of whimsy to this nice cottage pallet kid’s playhouse. It has a long adult aged size door and a window as well where kids can enjoy the naturalistic scenario.Just buy now from Amazon.

9.A Cute Playhouse Plan

This DIY pallet playhouse is simple and architecturally fanciful but looks great. This house can be a magical house for your child. The items are beautifully designed to be put together with easy getting materials and usual handmade tools. This house can easily be made who has basic experiences of carpentry skills.

Diy pallet playhouse
A Cute Playhouse Plan

Or if you don’t have, don’t worry! If you just take a bit idea from any skillful person, you can make it without any tension. Besides, it has a plenty of room where your kids can make huge fun!  If you love this cute playhouse, just buy now from Amazon.

10.American Gothic Playhouse

Pick up space and get starting making this American Gothic Playhouse that your children would love and make a lot of fun. The design of the gorgeous playhouse adds 35 square feet of the interior space. It also includes a two-foot wide front porch.

DIY pallet playhouse
American Gothic Playhouse

However, the overall structure along with the elaborate spire or trim can beautify any home. The classic look and new deck will give you many years of outdoor living enjoyment. It’s really a convenient play station for your kids.

Above all, if you’re planning to make a playhouse for your kids, just pick up any idea of top 10 well-researched DIY pallet playhouse. You don’t have to have much carpentry idea to build this as it’s so simple. If you don’t want to do a bit hard work, you can buy readymade playhouse from market or online.




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