Art materials list which is essential for kids creative work


Every child should know exactly what kind of art materials list they have to use while making excellent drawings. I personally think that using the same pencil, the same sheet for all jobs can cost you excellent drawings.That is why I have decided to tell you what are the best materials, the best brands and the best way to use them.So that you can choose the best art supplies those are suitable for your kids.Get ready because now I’m going to offer you unique information on art materials list.Your kids can make unique drawings to know about those list of art supplies. And it can be the best fit for the art tools list that we are going to make.

10 Basic Art Materials List for Beginners

1.Drawing Pencil is one essential art materials list

The pencil should keep in art materials list.In the pencils of drawing, we find a high range of pencils, this essential material for any artist can’t be missed for his/her smooth drawing. We all started with this drawing material and this is because it gives us an incredible ease when it comes to drawing on any surface.

art materials list
Drawing Pencil

But as a good cartoonist, we must know that these pencils come in different graduations to be able to draw darker or lighter.You don’t have to get a large amount of graphite pencil. Having two or three basic pencils will be enough for your kids. It is important art material list. Look at this list so that you know all the pencils.

2.Drawing Paper is important art material list

The drawing paper is another widely used drawing material because obviously, we need a place to draw. And walls are not an option unless you go to make a very good drawing.Believe it or not, there are a lot of papers for different types of materials.

Art materials list
Drawing Paper

There are papers to draw with a pencil; there are papers to draw with watercolors, with chalks, with pastel colors among other great quantity. There are also papers to make simple sketches, and it is important to know them all as a good cartoonist. The sizes also vary just like the pencils.This is a very important drawing material that is why I made a very detailed list of these different papers; take a look by clicking the button.


This is also essential art material list.Erasers are everywhere, it’s true. But you have to keep in mind that there is also a high range of erasers.This important material of the drawing which we all use to correct those mistakes made on paper is a material that can have several functions and not just exactly to correct errors.

Art materials list

With an eraser you can realize shines, you can make flashes, and you can add lights. Of course, all depend on the color of the sheet that we use.

4.Electric Pencil Sharpener

Many people who have a list of art supplies materials posted on the web, usually they do not mention this important material.The pencil sharpener is the instrument which is used to get rid of pencils, whether graphite or colored.

Art materials list
Electric Pencil Sharpener

And I will tell you that not all pencil sharpeners are the same. There are some that will give different tips to your pencils. And this depends on the result you want to give your drawing.Not these, but the durability depends on the quality of this sharpener.However, the electric pencil sharpener will also save a lot of time in our work so it is one of my favorites. Click here to get best one.

5.Drawing Markers

Perhaps, you have mastered several drawing techniques. You can make drawings with your pencil that is really good. Then surely you want to choose to take a step forward and learn to draw with markers.Or you just want to start learning with this material, and this is because it gives really incredible results.

art materials list
Drawing Markers

Of course, everything depends on the quality of the marker. Not all are the same, but some have different points, some thicker than others.But all this will depend on the detail you want to perform.Without saying more about these markers, just click here where you find a bunch of quality markers.

6.Drawing Brush

A brush does not have to be exactly to paint; it can be used for different purposes in our drawings.For example, one of them is blur pastel color which is commonly used.

art materials list
Drawing Brush

They can also be used to diffuse the graphite or simply to draw the graphite off the paper or leftovers if you do not want to pass your hand.Of course, the most suitable use of this material is to paint with different paintings. And it’s perfect for landscape because it gives texture and nice finish. It’s really incomparable. This does not mean that other paintings can’t be made. You can draw whatever is good. Click here for best one.

7.Watercolors to Paint

The watercolors are some of the most used paintings in the world of drawing. This happens because they leave really showy results.This material is used a lot in the drawing of pictures and galaxies. There uses can be infinite.

art materials list
Watercolors to Paint

But we must be careful with this type of watercolors that we acquire. Because all aren’t full of good quality but there are different types of watercolors that can serve different things. For having best one, just click here.

8.Drawing Table or kids art desk

This table is not like the table in your house. These are special because they are designed exactly for the draftsmen to make drawings easier.

art materials list
Drawing Table

Surely you realize that when you draw a drawing on a flat table, and you culminate, you lift in drawing of the table. And you look at it and realize that it was disproportionate to how you were seeing it.This happens due to inclination and the perspective with which we see a drawing with a flat table.Go for best one which I’ve researched for your convenient.


Make your own painted pallet art that is full of fun and whimsical. Basically, plastic paint palette goes well for both acrylics and watercolors.

art materials list

This palette is available everywhere. You can find it any store. Besides, they are so simple to use or wash. Visit the online store.

10.Stylish Eyeliner

The eyeliner is used to delineate, worth for the redundancy. It is commonly used for drawing letters.

art materials list
Stylish Eyeliner

But it is not only the function; it can also be used to move from pencil to ink when you want to finish the drawing. Usually, the drafters use it because it leaves incredible results.With the stylish, we can make lines with different thicknesses and these thicknesses add much more dynamism to the drawing.

Above all  those art materials lists, just follow our best art materials list and grow your kids’ artistic sensibility




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