How to get your baby to sleep in the crib

getting baby to sleep in crib

Are you really worried about getting baby to sleep in crib? Take a note of our advice to get your baby to adapt to new environment and enjoy a wonderful night’s sleep. And you too! Of course! Don’t forget every baby has its own needs. The process of adaptation will be easier for some children than others. In today’s’ episode, we are going to answer your question like how to get your baby sleep in the crib.

Many newborns become accustomed to falling asleep in the arms of their parents, holding their breast, lying in bed with their mother … And when it is considered that the time has come to pass them to their crib to sleep alone, the mission becomes impossible. However, with patience and advice, everything is possible.

Are you facing the same situation what I faced?

I just want to share what happened to me when my baby was so small. My baby had 4 weeks, I did everything for transitioning baby to crib but it had been impossible. I could not stand to see him cry because he cried so hard that it seemed that he was mistreating and increasing volume more. The worst thing was that seeing it like this made me think, ‘I’m abandoning him’. And I put him in my bed.

getting baby to sleep in crib? 
Are you facing the same situation what I faced?

The other is that sleeping I used to breastfeed. So I not only put him in my bed but lying down I breastfeed it until I fell asleep. During the day he only slept. Every time I tried to place him in the crib but he cried out. And He made gestures as if he were hungry (although he took breasts).

I did not know if I was getting used to it. Or it was okay if I made change it quickly. At the same time, I had to go to my work. Finally, I took my decision to make a change on how to get child to sleep in own bed. Hopefully, many of you are facing the situation what I did before. Just follow our tips what to do next if you face the same situation.

Baby cries in the crib or doesn’t he want to sleep in the crib?

Ok! Discover how you should act or what you should not?  If your baby is accustomed to sleeping in places that are not his crib or bed, what you should do. Just follow us:

getting baby to sleep in crib
Baby cries in the crib or doesn’t he want to sleep in the crib?

Tom, one of my nephews, is five months old. His mom is a bit worried because he doesn’t want to sleep in his crib for some time, even though he is very tired. When bedtime comes, he needs to be taken with a stroller (without leaving the house), or be caught in his arms. Just like that, he falls asleep. Otherwise, he starts crying, walking or playing with the pacifier.

What to do getting baby to sleep in crib

The decision relies on parents. If parents want their baby will sleep in the crib, not in other places or option, it’s necessary to keep yourself a patent. I’ve mentioned the story of Tom earlier. You have to keep in mind that Tom’s behavior is very common.

Ideally, put your baby in the crib and take care of him. You need to make him feel that mom is there. And she doesn’t want to leave him.

As far as the story is concerned, try to make your baby sleep first, and then go to your bed. On the contrary, you should avoid walking around the house and picking him up.

What not to do getting baby to sleep in crib

Don’t scold or force the baby to stay in the crib. His little rebellion against the bed is probably the result of the first symptom of separation anxiety. It is a matter of sorrow to stay in the crib at the age of seven or eight months. It’s the expression of the fear to be abandoned from mom.

But what you have to do is to help your baby overcome separation anxiety crises. I mean to say that just take gentleness, well-caring, responsibility, and pampering. On the other hand, rebuking does not bring any benevolent thing.

7 Instructions for getting baby to sleep in crib

getting baby to sleep in crib
7 Instructions for getting baby to sleep in crib
  1. Changes are never easy, especially for children. Therefore, for adapting the new habit, you have to introduce his life progressively. This will make the baby sleep well in the crib. In other words, your child should be familiar with their new surroundings. Be patient and try to be consistent.
  2. Another important tip to get the baby to rest in his crib is—Don’t feed your child too much before bed because he will feel uncomfortable. And he will have trouble falling asleep. And in this sense, the baby’s posture in the crib is also important for you to enjoy a good rest, so make sure you are comfortable and safe.
  3. Before taking the baby to the crib, try to do some work that favors his rest. Experts advise us to give a warm bath to our baby. Then wrap him in a towel. In this way, you will calm him down. A small, warm bath can help soothe your baby, making it easier for him or her to get sleepy. If this habit does not work with your little one, try other works like classical music, singing a song, or a good book to fall asleep.
  4. The crib and children’s decor are also very important. So try to create a place of rest that your child finds pleasant, comfortable and welcoming. How? With warm colors and their favorite toy … Every baby is a world, so adapt your child according to his needs. Make an environment for the baby to sleep well.
  5. How to make your child adapt more easily to his new environment? You can start by placing the crib in your bedroom and then move it to their room. And another option may be staying with your child until he falls asleep. These details will make the baby sleep safely in the crib.
  6. Also check that the child is comfortable, clean and the environment favors rest. Make sure noises, strong lights or anything that could make the atmosphere difficult for the baby to rest. And of course, make sure you also choose a good mattress for a newborn.
  7. Turn the crib into a nice place. During the day, store the toys in your baby’s crib to attract them. Do this during play time, not at bedtime. Place toys in the crib and encourage your baby to reach them through the bars. After some time, place your baby in the crib to grab the toys.

By placing the toys in the crib, you set it up as a safe place with a fun environment. Do not let your baby play for too long time in the crib. Your child needs to see the crib as a nice place, but you should not establish it as a place for play and activity.

Above all, we hope you have found our advice helpful. And now we just want to tell you our own trick is to make the baby sleep in his cradle.

If you want to read more articles on getting baby to sleep in crib, we recommend that you should stay with us every time.





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