Best infant car seat travel bag buying guide and review


If you’re searching for the best infant car seat travel bag reviews, you are on the right track. This is because I have picked up 5 top baby car seat travel bags which will help you buy your convenient one.

As a parent, your first priority is to keep your kids safe. If you are such a person who travels a lot around the world, you just need to manage your kids’ car seat with you. However, you should invest in a nice infant car seat travel bag that will be risk-free, protective and weather resistant.

5 Best Infant Car Seat Travel Bag Reviews for 2018

1Zohzo Adjustable Padded Bag for Car Seat

This is a great sleek travel bag. It’s so wonderfully designed that there is no way of damaging your car seat. It has a nice foam padding that will help protect your car seat. Waist strap and padded shoulder strap will keep your bag securely attached to you all the time.

Besides, this infant car seat travel bag is comfortable and hands-free that will keep you to play with your kids freely. It’s so convenient that you can travel anywhere in the world without any tension.

infant car seat travel bag
Zohzo Adjustable Padded Bag for Car Seat


Very easy to travel due to waist and shoulder straps

3 colors options

Safety zipper that will make you realize the seat won’t get out of the bag

Water-resistant and durable material

1-year warranty


A bit expensive

Dark color will be tough to spot at the airport

Smaller size can’t fit all car size models

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2Car Seat Travel Bag System for Airline Gate Check

This fantastic bag is well worth for the price. Don’t feel bored of buying the cheaper one that will be breakable after a couple of trips.  It’s very well made and you can easily move everywhere due to lightweight.

Basically, it fits on maximum car seats. You will also feel comfortable to know that it’s made of water-resistant Oxford nylon that will keep your car seat out of dirt and grime.

It also features 2 side carrying straps, 2 padded backpack design straps, and 1 front hand strap which will make your car seat transporting easier. It offers a full security system for the uses. Being stylish bag, you can carry everywhere.

infant car seat travel bag
Car Seat Travel Bag System for Airline Gate Check


Lightweight, easy to carry and water resistant

Fitting on maximum car seats

Made of water-resistant Oxford nylon

Protective from dirt and grime

Including 2 side carrying straps, 2 padded backpack design straps, and 1 front hand strap

Weight: 1.1 lbs


If any of you expect many tires to put on the airport, you should not buy it.

The only bottom is padded, not all around.

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3J.L. Childress Ultimate Backpack Padded Car Seat Travel Bag

This fantastic car seat travel bag keeps kids out of danger when they travel. It has thick padding around the sides. It also includes a custom fit and padded interior wings to make sure your car seat safety.

If you travel with a bulky diaper, extra blankets, wipes and all types of kids’ extras item, you can unworriedly store them on this plastic zipper bag.

However, it will provide a smooth comfort to your kids. It is water-resistant, hand-free and made for many years. This good looking item has a nice zipper system.

infant car seat travel bag
J.L. Childress Ultimate Backpack Padded Car Seat Travel Bag


Easy clean-up, comfortable, protective and water-resistant

Nicely fitting in the car seat

Fully padded interior wings for ensuring the car seat safety

Dual zipper system

Easy storable lightweight items like wipes, additional blankets, bulky diaper etc.


Nylon zipper flap is a bit flimsy

The zipper is not too long

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4COMPONO Stroller Travel Bag for Airplane – Single or Umbrella Stroller Gate check bag.

The bag is super amazing and a perfect size for you if you want to travel on an airplane. It’s not just like cheap ballistic nylon bag where water passes through it.

If you budget a bit more, you will get quality. It’s made of an additional lasting nylon and polyester hybrid material that’s for over the years. Its water-resistant leaner keeps it out of dust and dirt.

You can easily carry it as it has adjustable shoulder sling strap. It has also a nice zipper tote where you can put your necessary lightweight items.

infant car seat travel bag
COMPONOStroller Travel Bag for Airplane


Perfect size for airplane travel

Made of an additional lasting nylon and polyester hybrid material

Water-resistant, lightweight and easy to carry

Adjustable shoulder sling strap

Keeping your stroller dirt free

Weight: 3 lbs


The top velcro flap does not stay closed while carrying the bag.

A bit expensive but you will pay for quality.

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5FlightJoy Car Seat Travel Bag

This is another fine product that will help you find a journey of joy. This super baby travel gear easy to travel anywhere due to lightweight. It comes up with large size; this is why it can be fitting on a big car seat model. It has 2 colors that you can easily spot in the gathering area. This super bag also includes adjustable padded shoulder straps and gives experiences of hand-free feelings.

FlightJoy Car Seat Travel Bag


Made of heavy ballistic nylon

Adjustable padded shoulder straps

2 colors that you easily spot in the crowded area

Fitting on large car model due to large size

Durable and water-resistant

Lightweight and easy to carry


It doesn’t have an extra feature like an extra pocket.

A bit high price

Check latest price

Above all, now you’ve got the 5 best infant car seat travel bag. It’s your time to go for next. While taking a decision, make sure the travel bag you want to buy fits the seat comfortably. Give a close eye on the materials, zipper, drawstring, and Velcro. Keep in mind what you are going to purchase is worth for money.




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