Kids nook ideas-Creating secret reading corner for your kids

Kids nook ideas

Kids nook ideas: When you’ve become a dad or mom and your little ones are growing up, it’s important and incredibly essential to make a kid-friendly home. You have to make a kid atmosphere from their own playroom to hiding space where they can easily read and feel comfort on their own.

There are many ways where you can furnish, utilize corners and crannies of the house to inspire your kids. At the same time, you can make your kids feel relaxed, classy, cozy and vital.

Today, I’ m going to show off a lot of stylish, unique, gorgeous and innovative kids’ nook ideas that will not only provide you mesmerizing ideas but offer you how to settle a bar area and convert it into a magical and good-used place! Let’s move!

As a parent, you need to inspire your kids to read on a daily basis. But it’s really complicated work as there are so many things competing for kids’ attention.  A kid’s playhouse might be a well-set up being a comfortable and calm environment that inspires the quality reading time.

Besides, it may be so inviting that your kids will exactly wish to go to the playhouse for reading without any battle. How many parents would desire to fall in that situation?

Here are a number of tips to make an outdoor playroom into a reading nook so that your kids can opt to go to their reading pleasure:

1.Make it inviting.  

Put a bit comfortable furniture in your kids’ playroom like cozy rocking chair or bean bag chairs to sit for a reading.  Round it out with your kids’ favorite blanket or pillow. And it will be hard for any kid to stop coming to read in the passionate playhouse.

kids nook ideas
Make it inviting

If you are purposeful, consider keeping a window seat in the playroom which gives a mild cushion and perhaps a curtain that could be drawn around the window seat for privacy.  How cool it would be for getting a private area!  Don’t forget to get their favorite snacks on hand!

2. Have very good lighting.

It’s so crucial to offer good lighting when your kids start reading.  This can be battery powered lights or via electric or it can just mean that the playroom has bright and natural lighting.

Kids nook ideas
Have very good lighting.

In this regard, battery operated lighting can be a fun option because it seems like camping and completely different from what they’re used to in the main house.

3.Encourage even more reading.

To inspire your kids for more reading, try to keep extra books in the playroom so that once a kid is finished with one book, they are able to easily pick up another and start reading that book too.

Kids nook ideas
Encourage even more reading.

There is a bunch of recommended reading checklist available in the Library or online which assist young readers or parents to select age appropriate books.  Or let your child go to the library to have their own books.

Make a rule to keep the books in the playroom so that the playhouse is regarded as a designated reading area.

4. Remove distractions.

It is noteworthy that if you decide to use your kids’ playhouse as a private reading space, you need to remove electronics, toys, or other supplies that may potentially disturb your child.

Kids nook ideas
Remove distractions.

Check your child playroom periodically to eradicate distractions which may have made their way into the playhouse.

10 Best Kids nook ideas for you kids

1.Rockstar Book Nook

It’s really excellent Kids nook ideas to have a rockstar book nook. If you make a kid-centered book nook, you should give some colors in layout and design. Let them allow choosing the colors, products, and books. Try to keep it simple because simple always becomes great and it will be a kind of easy pick up for them. You just require so simple components such:

Kids nook ideas
Rockstar Book Nook
  • A bookshelf (or shelves)
  • Seating
  • Light
  • Comfort
  • Books!

You can also make it functional. Make sure kids will play the book nook what you’ve made for them. Your little one will draw, play, read or even sleep. You have to make it such interesting space so it always becomes very appealing.

Besides, keep it pretty as we all are a worshiper of beauty. And we expect fresh and new look around us. But, here what you have to do is to keep new pieces of books which will give a new charm and new look. At the same time, kids will be curious to have a new one if they finish one.

2.Awkward Corners

If you find any weird corner in your house but you don’t know what to do with. Right! You can make it a tiny shelter with a comfy chair or tiny table to set your kids book on. And kids will feel comfort and interest to accomplish their reading and homework.

kids nook ideas
Awkward Corners

If your kids become tired or feel drowsy reading and reading, they can take a bit rest on the seat and sleep as well. The seat has really soft foam to give comfort.

3.Just hanging Kids nook ideas

Adding the additional seating close to your nook makes a great place for your kids to hang. It’s just like hanging in the air. Kids will be amazed while reading sitting on the chair. It will recollect them their earlier days like they used to hang in the cradle.

Kids nook ideas
Just hanging

In this way, kids can make own creativity in their fantasy world. Somehow they can get the imagination of flying in the sky. So it can be a great option for them.

4.Make It Roomy

You mini library should be ambitious for one but you have to make it large for your kids to read with friends.

Kids nook ideas
Make It Roomy

Keep more than one pillow and 2 chairs opposite sides of the table which are facing each other for the more interactive experience. It’s a great idea to discuss the homework with friends or teacher sitting face to face.

5.Let There Be Light

Nooks become closed off or darker with a touch of nature. Make sure to arrange a reading light that will allow the kids easy reading. It would be better to put your nook close to your window which brings bright natural light. If the nook is so bright and gorgeous, it will help your kids influence quickly.

Kids nook ideas
Let There Be Light

It would be better to put your nook close to your window which brings bright natural light. If the nook is so bright and gorgeous, it will help your kids influence quickly.

6.Just a Corner Will Do 

If you have no sizable nook, a corner will act just fine. Just place a few pillows, a bookcase or a lamp (a mini chandelier is a great idea!) and you’re actually off to the races.

Kids nook ideas
Just a Corner Will Do

In this way, you can get a good furnishing nook for your kids. Perhaps, through the fantasy art, your kids can make their own kingdom.

7.Scandinavian Inspired

Kids nook ideas
Scandinavian Inspired

If you don’t use the hall closet, you can turn it into a reading nook. You can exactly have the same number of storage by keeping shelves or drawers underneath the seat. It is really a kind of multifunctional option to inspire your kids for easy reading.

8.Calendars and Boards 

This process is a really fine project to increase your kids’ reading habit. Teach your kids to manage their home task or project deadlines by hanging a personal calendar above his desk.

Kids nook ideas
Calendars and Boards

You can arrange a variety type of chalkboards and pinboards that will help them make notes. Kids nook ideas will also help them write something important when he or she recollects that.

9.Add Bold Accents and Touches

Kids nook ideas
Add Bold Accents and Touches

It’s a kids’ zone, keep in mind? Don’t be scared to make your kid’s study room bright, cool and bold so you can make the space attractive and beautiful. Colorful buntings, lamps, desk accessories, and other stuff will make your child study place more interesting. Your kids will study with huge pleasure.

10.De-clutter Space Kids nook ideas

A desk and chair which are fresh and clean in style will grow up with your kids. Bring a mild pillow or cushion to the chair for additional support, height or comfort. Make the room with the desktop for the basics that should surely include an adjustable lamp.

Kids nook ideas
De-clutter Space Kids nook ideas

A tidy workplace will help your kids become more efficient. To make the clutter-free nook you can conceal everything collections in the hidden cabinets or drawers above the desk.

Create a Perfect Reading Nook for Your Kids

Extra tips in a nutshell:

  • Be sure your kids’ nook ideas is full of good light and it carries friendly atmosphere.
  • Make a multi-purpose nook so that kids can play in it and inspire to come back to read.
  • Make the nook fun or make it attractive by giving a lot of bright colors and you can add some of the decor items of your kids’ favorite book characters.
  • It’s good to make it close to family room. In this way, the reading nook could be used more often.
  • Keep the books visible and easy to reach so kids can find it quickly.

Above all, if you really want to make a clutter-free environment with the best kids nook ideas, just follow our best kids’ nook ideas that are given above.
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