Relaxing kids outdoor reading nook ideas for your backyard


Now the weather is warming up and people are sweating, that means, summer has come. Like everyone, I like reading nook ideas. It’s the right time for outdoor reading! Encouraging reading over the summer can be the biggest change in your kids’ reading habit. Hanging in the open sky, perhaps they will get more interest and fun reading.

My kids are fond of playing garden. It’s a bit complicated to bring them into their reading room or we can’t force them all the time. When I used to compel them to read at home, I found they had less concentration on their studies.

Finally, I decided to do something that they liked. I took a plan to arrange kid’s outdoor reading nook ideas. Now my kids love to read, play and relax in their outside reading books. How many of you have the same problem? If so, just follow our best 10 kid’s reading nook ideas.

10 kids outdoor reading nook ideas

1.Blanket in the Grass

Nook shouldn’t be complicated. Just put a simple and gorgeous blanket on the grass. But keep in mind it should be colorful, attractive and child-inviting. Find a suitable place in your garden and space should be under trees so they can get enough shadow.

reading nook ideas
Blanket in the Grass

Let them do what they wish. And this kind of aspects will be so inviting for them. Reading outside with the natural air will help them grow their practical learning as well as theoretical learning. Probably, they won’t feel bored while reading as they’re entertained with nature.

2.Reading Fort

Sometimes, the weather is so hot and intolerable. And your kids want to stay inside. Just put some blankets, sheets, and chairs to a toddler bed and let your kid’s artistic imagination flow! With this simple atmosphere, they can get much fun. Place a pillow and blankets to feel comfort for a good reading.

reading nook ideas
Reading Fort

At the same time, throw some of their favorite books on the fort that will fully magnet them. You can also teach your kids on how to read a book, character, and concentration. All of these kids’ skills rear the art of language and the joy of reading.

3.The Car

Some of us love to take a road trip in summer seasons. As long as your kids don’t have car sick, reading on the car would be a great way to pass the time. If they get a sick on reading a book on the car, just try alternative; that means you can get the audio book instead of that.

reading nook ideas
The Car

Usually, some kids feel bored when they get in the car because they have nothing to do. If you make a complete funny reading environment for your kids, they will enjoy their trips alongside reading. Guide your kids and let them flow their creative cottage!

4.Hammock reading nook ideas

The hammock is a great reading nook ideas for kids’ reading in outside. Just put nice bed sheets, a couple of pillows and kids’ favorite books on the hammock. Lying on a hammock, reading is really quite interesting and comfortable. They are big enough for your entire family to turn into a special story.

reading nook ideas
Hammock reading nook ideas

Basically, it develops the kids’ sense of balance and body perception. And this nice hanging brings well feelings and relaxation. This hammock can be used for different purpose, for example, your kids can read, sit, hear music and get relaxed. It’s really fun, modern and relaxing way to console kids’ mind.

5.The Library

Making library is a great way to cool off during the summer. It’s a tent style space with the best selection of the books. Actually, this library carries a reading tent with a campfire where your kids can freely read their favorite story without any fear. Place it in your yard and keep some of their fun reading books.

reading nook ideas
The Library

Besides, kids can do what they want in the library like reading, playing, listening music, relaxing etc. Don’t pressurize only for reading. Just divide the times equally for everything that they love to do. Freedom helps them make their own world.

6.Garden Teepee

Garden teepee is a perfect reading nook ideas for kids’ reading habit. You can make this fantastic garden teepee out of bamboo. Just hang it under trees touching the ground. It looks like a tent style. Then you can plant vines or sunflowers around it. When they grow up, they will look like a cute tent style garden teepee.

reading nook ideas
Garden Teepee

When kids will start reading, they’ll get enough shadow and air with a naturalistic world. It might be a place where they can explore their creativity, discover their hidden talent, listen to their favorite music and study without any distraction.

7.Porch Swing

Porch swing should be classic and be invited to enjoy the view. Keep some of the pillow and kids’ favorite pieces of books. Infect, porch swing is a gathering spot from which memories are produced. Poems can be written, the song can be sung with the magic power of the porch swing.

reading nook idea
Porch Swing

You can find different types of swing option in the market. But you can choose what your kids like or want to appeal for his desired one. Or together you can go to the market and select both preferences. Thus, your kids will be attractive to run into the porch swing to enjoy their reading.

8.Outside Fort

Outside Fort is really important for kids’ invitation. It’s really a kind of great outside reading space. It’s like a small cottage where kids can feel like a small fantasy world. Make them realize it’s their own world where they can paint according to their wish.

reading nook ideas
Outside Fort

Try to keep your kids’ favorite collections and they will run after it. This port will protect the kids from the heat of sun and rusty weather. For the child convenient, you can put some pieces of pillow or blanket where they will relax and take rest.

9.Outdoor bench

The most important element of the outdoor bench is the outdoor bench itself. For making it gorgeous, you have to make it beautiful and need decoration as well. You can put some sort of flowers and plants around it. Crib Style Outdoor Bench can be a good option for this type of bench.

reading nook ideas
Outdoor bench

Your kids will be so happy to see this type of beautiful and attractive bench. Your kids can study and make fun there. They will feel like reading inside the flower garden. At the same time, when you feel bored, you can take rest alongside your kids.

10.A tiny house/study pod

It’s like a small house and your kids will feel they are reading at home. This fine art is very nice and inviting. Probably, your kids will be crazy for it as it has some of the nightlights. You can put a soft pillow, sheets, blankets and kids’ favorite novels.

reading nook ideas
A tiny house/study pod

For this, somehow child will be insane for its colorful lights and homely environment. Your little one can study at night too as it has a colorful light inside the cottage. Let your child absorb the juice of their creative world. Let them fade away in their kingdom without any disturbance.

Finally, if you are looking for any outdoor reading nook ideas, you can follow our best 10 outside reading nook ideas. Let your kids play if they want to play instead of reading. After finishing their games, make them feel they need studies alongside the playing.

Don’t force them; just make them understand they have free choice. Thus, your kids will be able to realize that they need everything like reading, playing, obeying the parents.




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