10 outdoor activities for preschoolers to do outside for kid’s fun.


We all know summer comes every year with the passage of time. If you look around, it’s a hot and sunny day. It’s the best season for outdoor fun. In hot summer, you don’t want your kids to spend the entire time at home, so it’s the time for summer fun. Get outside in the fresh air and sunshine to play active games.here we want to give some idea of outdoor activities for preschoolers.

10 outdoor activities for preschoolers to do outside for kid’s fun

1.Hanky Game:

outdoor activities for preschoolers
Hanky Game

This is popular outdoor activities for preschoolers. Make a big circle with a bunch of children. All the players need to sit down in the circle except the hanky. The Hanky should stay out of the circle and run around the outside of the circle holding a handkerchief. The Hanky has to drops the handkerchief on a child’s back and runs. He shouldn’t let him know where the hanky is. If he makes it around the circle before the player realizes that it’s on her back, the seated player is out. If the seated player catches on, she must tag the runner. If she succeeds, the runner is out. If she fails to tag him, they play again, but this time player 2 is the runner.

2.Hide and Seek

outdoor activities for preschoolers
Hide and Seek

This is a popular game. Kids of every age love hide and seek. All the kids hide, except one, who is chosen to seek the others. The kids close his or her eyes and counts to a certain number without looking and then he or she tries to find the others.

3.Pass The Ball

outdoor activities for preschoolers
Pass The Ball

This is another popular game. All kids need to sit in a circle. One player has to pass the pillow to another player until the music stops. The player holds the pillow while the music stops is out. Let the kids continue, until one kid is left as a winner.

4.Tug Of War:

outdoor activities for preschoolers
Tug Of War

In the tug of war, two players or teams battle to prove their strength by tugging harder than their opponents on a rope. Kids divide the field into two teams. Get a long piece of rope and draw a vertical line in the center of the rope of a ground with tape or chalk. Ask each team to stand on either side of the line. Each team holds one end of the rope; players pull to drag the opposing team over the line to their side. Once you blow the whistle, the teams have to hold the opposite ends of the rope and try to pull the other side to cross the line.

5.Double Dutch

outdoor activities for preschoolers
Double Dutch

Double Dutch has always been a popular game among children. In this game has two people standing at opposite ends turning two long jump ropes in opposite directions with one or more players jumping. Inside the ropes, has recently become more popular. Double Dutch helps children develop coordination and strong motor skills, such as jumping, and promotes good sportsmanship, competition, teamwork, and healthy exercise.

6.Fly a kite

outdoor activities for preschoolers
Fly a kite

This is a great outdoor play and exercise. Seeing a kite soaring up high within the skies is one factor that your child simply can’t resist. You can buy kits on the market. But simple kites are inexpensive to buy and easy to operate. Show your child how to stand with the wind hitting their back and to hold the kite high in front of them. Then they can gradually release more and more string as the wind takes hold of the kite. Give the string a tug every now and then to keep it high. It encourages concentration and focuses while learning a new skill.


outdoor activities for preschoolers

Outdoor activities for kids don’t always have to be just fun and games. If you want to get your kids, then enjoy the nature; Try putting them to work in the garden. Let your child plant their own vegetables, herbs, and flowers and see it grow by the day. Through these outdoor fun gardening ideas, kids can learn about the great cycle of life.

8.Traffic Light Race

outdoor activities for preschoolers
Traffic Light Race

Ask the kids to stand behind the start line to race. Explain that red lights mean STOP and when shout red light then the child must stop. Amber lights mean go slow and Green run fast. One kid is the caller. When the caller says ‘green’ the kids have to keep moving towards the finish line. At ‘red’ all the kids have to stop moving. Kids who move at ‘red’ will have to return to the start line. The kid who reaches the finish line first wins.


outdoor activities for preschoolers

Fishing can be an exciting adventure for kids. Not only do they get a new experience outdoors but they also get to learn a brand new sport. Planning a fishing trip for children should be fun. Prepare them for this day by giving a brief history of fishing. Then teach them the three most important beginner techniques, provide them with necessary equipment, and give those tips and tricks for having a fun and safe fishing trip.This is really a great fun outdoor activities for preschoolers.


outdoor activities for preschoolers

Every kid enjoys swimming. It is probably one of the most favorite outdoor activities for preschoolers which refresh and relax the mind and body. Even if your child knows how to swim, it’s important to supervise them at all times. Teaching your child to swim and encouraging him to swim regularly can have significant benefits for both his health and safety. Especially on a hot day, swimming is a way to keep cool while encouraging a healthy level of physical and social activity. Take your kids to indoor pools in the colder months to promote an active lifestyle all year long. Swimming provides a more effective workout than some other outdoor activities for kids.

Outdoors are good ways to help your child develop physically and mentally. Outdoor activities for toddlers are becoming rare now; especially kids are now spending more of their time with TV or computer video games. This is really an alarming situation for parents. Now it’s a huge responsibility for every parent to find creative ideas to engage their kids in some sort of fun outdoor activities, and you are providing a great help in this regard.




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