7 Types of Outdoor Deck Box with Reviews


Today, I’m a bit excited to finally be releasing another episode of the niche Babescare. As you’ve been paying attention, you may know that we’ve published a couple of content on outdoor deck box.

But today, I’ve appeared here with a wide range of reviews so you can know the specific features of the product. Finally, we’re going to dive into tremendous item features through this content. Hopefully, you’ll stay with me on this article journey.

Outdoor storage box is a popular kind of garden storage. This container supplies a convenient place to store garden supplies and tools. It also makes your yard look nicer and keeps the path clear for the pedestrian.

Outdoor Deck Box is very useful for storing pool items, toys, and seat cushions when not in use. You can buy a deck storage box.

But if you like to build the things yourself, you can create a one-of-a-kind box for your patio or deck for your own deck cashier plans.

Not only you have the satisfaction of making your own box, but also you can do it in a size that suits your storage needs. If you have leftover wood from other projects, you can build a box of disposable debris.

7 Types of Outdoor Deck Box with Reviews

1.Keter Rockwood Plastic Deck Storage Container Box Outdoor Patio Garden Furniture 150 Gal, Brown


Outdoor Deck Box
Keter Westwood Plastic Deck Storage Container Box Outdoor Patio Garden Furniture 150 Gal, Brown

Are your kids’ toys making the overcrowded in your clean yard? Do your deck and patio need additional seating? The gorgeous and multifunctional style of Keter Rockwood Plastic deck storage container box can be a perfect solution or even more.

Besides, it keeps various useful items organized like sporting tools, outdoor furniture cushions, garden tools and pool accessories etc.

While closed, the long-lasting wood-look plastic box makes its content safe, ventilated and dry. The box can be doubled as a table, a seating area for two kids.


  1. Lasting weather resistant box that makes your content dry, safe and ventilated
  2. Very easy to use and it will not dent, stain, warp or peel
  3. Wood-look plastic item and works for both beautiful and functional
  4. Easy access and easy cleaning
  5. A great outdoor storage box for pool and garden collections or large cushions
  6. Provides additional seating
  7. Lockable
  8. Weatherproof
  9. 150 gallons
  10. Automatic opening lid
  11. Durable and lasting metal reinforced construction
  12. Manufactured by recyclable materials                                                    

    2.Suncast VDB19500J Vertical Deck Box

Outdoor Deck Box
Suncast VDB19500J Vertical Deck Box

The sun casts vertical Outdoor Deck Box offers 41.ince height and 195 Gal. of storage capacity. It also provides enough weatherproof space for your outdoor collections.

The two front doors work independently with a smooth lid which easily raises and lowers. The long-lasting resin storage bin supplies a wicker-like exterior that can beautify your patio, deck or porch.

Besides, this fantastic deck box is really weather resistant which prevents dust, grit, pollen, sand, wind etc. The door and lid latch together and might be secured with a separately-purchased padlock.


  • A good capacity for keeping your patio, deck or porch
  • The perfect bar height and convenient deck box make this masterpiece ideal for outside recreation
  • Nice top lid and front door opening
  • Gas shocks make it simple and easy to lift hedge and keep it open
  • Long-lasting wall resin construction
  • Assembled:  48-inch weight x 30-1/4 inch, Depth x 41-1/4 inch Height
  • Product weight: 75 lbs
  • Product Dimension: 41.25 x 45 x 30 inches                                               

3.Suncast SSW1200 Mocha Resin Wicker 22-Gallon Storage Seat

Outdoor Deck Box
Suncast SSW1200 Mocha Resin Wicker 22-Gallon Storage Seat

The Suncast Resin Wicker 22-Gallon Storage Seat offers you an additional space and storage for your garden, porch, and patio.

Actually, the top of the seat provides a large area and it’s well suited for keeping your garden collections such as hoses, shears, trowels or more.

You can also keep your outside place organized and tidy with pieces. With its shaped wicker style, the patio storage seat spreads a homely charm in order to give additional space for ends and odds.

This fashionable bench supplies sturdy resin construction for comfortable performance and trouble-free maintenance.

The outside storage seat becomes assembly within five minutes and you can do it quickly as a smaller. It’s also easy to place it in a different position if you like it.

The Suncast has an entire row of durable outside resin accessories like deck boxes, screen enclosures, coolers and more.


  • Additional seating with storage inside
  • A great box for your indoor and outdoor use
  • The modern stylish look is perfect for your supplies such patio
  • Including a big 22-gallon storage capacity
  • Featuring seating and storage suggestion
  • Quick assembly
  • Dimension: 22.5 inch length x 17.5 inch width x 22.5 inch height
  • Made in the United States                                                  

4.Freeport Brown Wicker Outdoor Storage Deck Box Model

Outdoor Deck Box
Freeport Brown Wicker Outdoor Storage Deck Box

This fine deck box has a plenty of storage to keep your outdoor cushions, pool toys, rubber noodles, pillows, goggles and deck collections. It is functional, beneficial and superb woven PE wicker that permits to suit any outdoor condition.

Besides, it has a nice looking backyard and gives no damage to anyone. On the other hand, this nice looking Outdoor Deck Box is not easy to put together but not impossible. The stylish deck box looks good and fits well. It’s a band woven and easy to maintain


  • Produced by resin wicker
  • A perfect deck box for storing all supplies like cushions, pool toys, rubber noodles, pillows etc
  • Nice multi brown PE wicker construction
  • Side handles and wheels permit easy movement everywhere
  • Easy assembly
  • Product Dimension: 48″L x 24″W x 28″H
  • Color: brown                                                                     

5.Lifetime 60012 Extra Large Deck Box

Outdoor Deck Box
Lifetime 60012 Extra Large Deck Box

This 130-gallon Lifetime deck box carries a large space to store all your supplies that you want to put in a convenient place. And it comes up with a strong lockable and smooth hinge lid which goes more than 90-degree angle for easy access.

The all-around style of the Outdoor Deck Box licenses you to install interior dividers and shelving. The weather-resistant deck box is strongly made to resist the elements with HDPE construction. This great solution also provides water protected seal to keep your storage secure, safe and dry.


  • The smooth hinge lid goes more than 90-degree angle for easy access
  • Durable and strong that could be used as a bench
  • Strong and perfect HDPE construction
  • Weather protected steel hinge
  • Water protected seal keeping interior dry
  • Easy assembly
  • UV protected lid and panel
  • It can be doubled as a bench
  • 900 pounds weight capacity
  • 10 years warranty
  • Item dimension: 60 x 24 x 26.5 inches                                 

6.Rubbermaid Deck Box with Seat, Extra Large, 120 Gal., 16 cu. ft., Sandstone (5E39)

Outdoor Deck Box
Rubbermaid Deck Box with Seat, Extra Large, 120 Gal., 16 cu. ft., Sandstone (5E39)

Giving extra seating for the storage, the Rubbermaid 120 Gal. X-Large Outdoor Deck Box is a solid construction for keeping all your large items such as pool accessories, patio furniture cushions or more. Besides, it has resin deck box with double wall construction and gives an extra protection for the things which are stored inside the box.

And it has strong stability when it’s used. Besides, it’s easy assembly and owns a large 16 feet storage capacity. All-in-one-unit adds the best quality of an Outdoor Deck Box with a multifunctional patio bench. Long-lasting wall construction protects leaks, dents, and moisture.


  • It owns a large 16 cubic feet capacity
  • This fantastic box is ideal for all supplies and has enough space for accessories, outside gear, and seat cushions
  • Double- wall building for durability
  • Maintenance free, dent, leak, and weather protected
  • The top surface can be used as a seat for 3 adults
  • Secure lockable
  • Outside Dimensions: 5 inches length x 2’2 inches Width x 2’4 inches Height
  • Inside Dimensions: 4’9 inches width x 1’9 inches depth x 1’11 inches Height
  • Product weight: 53 lbs
  • Item measurement: 60 x 25.7 x 27.6 inches                        

7.Lifetime 60089 Deck Storage Box, 116 gallon

Outdoor Deck Box
Lifetime 60089 Deck Storage Box, 116 gallon

Lifetime 60089 Deck Storage Box, 116 gallon gives a new hype to you by offering all kinds of protection from extreme weather, dust, and pests. It has HDPE constructions which make the box durable and strong. The fine Outdoor Deck Box can be used as a patio bench and it holds the 600 pounds weight capacity.

Its UV-resistant construction, water protection seal or weather assist in keeping the interior dry The smooth hinge-lid goes more than 90 degrees. It has a molded handles, you can easily place it different position if you want to move it. Besides, it has a UV-protected hinge that cannot be cracked, crushed or peeled.


  • A helpful storage box to keep all kinds of supplies
  • Weather- protected steel hinge
  • Sturdy and easy assembly
  • UV-protected lid and panels and it can’t be faded, peeled or cracked
  • Molded handles- easily moveable in any your desired place
  • Water protection seal and weather assists keep interior dry
  •    Product measurement: 25.2 x 26.4 x 50.39 inches
  • Product weight: 44.4 lbs
  • Secure lockable                                                                 

Overall, make your surrounding nice and spread a clutter-free zone for the pedestrian. However, if you’re planning to buy any outdoor deck box for your kids, you can turn your eyes into our above product reviews. It will help you a lot to buy the best one. Don’t feel hesitant about the product because we’ve researched a lot and therefore, picked up best one from www.amazon.com which carries positive reviews from the customers. If you want to know, just click here.





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