10 Clever outdoor toy storage ideas for kids playground

Outdoor storage ideas
10 Clever outdoor storage ideas for kids playground

Outdoor toy storage ideas-Clutter isn’t just something we have to be anxious for indoor homes but it makes us worry on outdoors as well. Inside my house, outdoor toys always creep their own way out of the storage bin and across our yard—where they then scatter around till I keep them in a place. It makes a messy zone in front of my house.

My son, David, plays always with his playthings but he leaves them where they exist. He doesn’t pay any care for storing them in a suitable place. My over thinking cooperates me to believe, I need an organizational method where all my kids’ collections will be kept systematically. Above all, I’ll get rid of the state of tension.

By the way, I’ve been researching a number of organizational outdoor toy storage ideas. And I’ve found the best systems of Outdoor toy storage ideas that I really like. Hopefully, you will choose them and utilize in your house.

Things to consider before buying outdoor toy storage

Before tackling outdoor storage project, take a note on what kind of items you need to keep. Also, take the time to consider all the functions you want outdoor storage will fulfill it. Have a note whether outdoor storage space can be doubled such as a potting shed, playground for children and workshop, or not.

Does space require insulation to protect the items inside oscillations of temperature and electricity? You have to take a good consideration if you want to buy your desired outdoor storage.

What outdoor items do I need storage for? How much space do I need?

It’s a great idea to make a list of everything you need outdoor storage for — toys, bikes, lawn mowers, tools, cleaning products, etc. — and then take a note on how much room you’ll require to store and easily access this product. Some sheds have overhead storage lofts that maximize space and supply a convenient space for lesser-used items.

10 Clever Outdoor Toy Storage Ideas for Kids playground

1.Outdoor  Storage Benches

Outdoor storage benches are an ideal and do it yourself weekend project. A storage bench serves as seating in the summer months and doubles as a home for outdoor toys, gardening supplies or grilling tools out of season.

toy storage ideas
Outdoor Storage Benches

Storage bench should be produced with high materials designed to support the elements. It can be designed with take-off or hinged lids to supply easy access to items stored inside. A set of storage benches can add style to your deck or patio while providing a place to store cushions, candles and bug spray.

2.Outdoor Storage Cabinets

If you have limited storage needs, an outdoor storage closet may be all you need. An outdoor storage closet is ideal for storing and organizing shovels, rakes and other tools. To fit in a space right behind the garage or in the yard you can build a storage closet.

Outdoor storage ideas
Outdoor Storage Cabinets

An ideal DIY project, outdoor storage cabinets can be designed to fit your specific needs. You can choose a closet without a door that provides a good place to store firewood or a closet with closing door to keep the items inside safe and secure.

3.Outdoor sheds

An outdoor storage shed is an excellent place to store garden tools, lawnmowers, bicycles, rakes, shovels and other tools. As a DIY project, you can build an outdoor storage shed for a set or existing plans, or design the shed storage to suit your specific needs. A small outdoor shed can serve as a tool shed.

Outdoor storage ideas
Outdoor sheds

A larger 12-by-12-foot shed with Gable doors allows for easy storage and removal of tractors or lawnmowers. Outdoor sheds can be designed to become a focal point on your property or to match your home using the same siding and roofing materials.

4.Stackable storage

Another idea for inexpensive outdoor storage is to stack plastic boxes with lids. Storage boxes come in many sizes and are ideal for containing a wide variety of outdoor supplies and excess household items.

Outdoor storage ideas
Stackable storage

Storage boxes with lids are available in clear plastic (for easy viewing of your items) and opaque plastic (to hide your items). You can simply put all your kids’ playthings and it’s really risk-free what hides all supplies.

5.Vertical Outdoor Storage Cabinets

This outdoor storage is well-suited for the various type of toys like balls, small scooters, skateboards, Pogo sticks, small ride on, jump ropes and more. Just make sure to check the measurements carefully while buying it.

outdoor storage ideas
Vertical Outdoor Storage Cabinets

Take a note and don’t forget to use the vertical space with shelves and hooks. Space is perfect for small decks and yards and can be great for those who only need a tiny storage. You can also keep your rakes and other yard tools in these beautiful vertical sheds.

6.DIY Steel Rack with Buckets for Outdoor Toys

It’s a pretty and lovely outdoor storage ideas what you have to do yourself. First, you have to arrange few buckets and a sturdy rack as well that can resist the weight of toys. You will also need a few stickers to label each bucket.

outdoor storage ideas
DIY Steel Rack with Buckets for Outdoor Toys

This outdoor storage is very easy to carry due to light weight. Kids can easily take and keep the box in systematically. If kids want to play with the toys, they can take the whole bucket. And after finishing their game, they can replace them in their own position.

7.Garden storage ideas

Sometimes the simplest outdoor toy storage ideas are the best solution for our kids. Make a playhouse for your kids. It’s not only a great space for kids’ playing, but also a perfect space for storing their toys. With a small house of tent, kids can escape from the real world into their artistic world.

outdoor storage ideas
Garden storage ideas

They can play with their full imagery thoughts. This kind of fantasy will help the kids grow social creativity. However, you can tell your kids that toys want to go home at night. In this way, you can store all your kids’ collections in outdoor storage.

8.Space Saving Outdoor Bike Storage

It’s a fantastic tent style outdoor storage and carries portable storage shade. You can easily put bike, cycle and Power Wheels. Usually, bikes, bicycles make a messy environment inside the house. Outdoor storage is great for these kinds of collections.

outdoor storage ideas
Space Saving Outdoor Bike Storage

The storage is a space saving storage and designed with tent look. It has a full zip door and integrated with floor space. You can easily organize all collections and it’s secure to keep in your yard.

9.Outdoor Deck Ideas

Outdoor terraces are an ideal place to relax after a long and hard day. Decks are also great places for weekend parties with family and friends. We take some time to make sure the interiors of our homes look good, but what’s out there?

outdoor toy storage
Outdoor Deck Ideas

Outdoor terraces can be cozy and homey places. Try some of these ideas and guests will not want to leave.

10.Outdoor Deck Boxes

Desk boxes are perfect for outdoor toy storage. Within minutes, you can hide the toys and make completely a clatter-free zone. You can get the benefits in multi ways. You can keep all your kids’ necessary supplies. At the same time, you can relax sitting on the box.

outdoor toy storage
Outdoor Deck Boxes

Some of the deck boxes offer more seating option that will be helpful if you have the shortage of outdoor places. Some of the boxes come up with strong durability and stylish look.

Finally, if you want a clutter-free environment, our 10 outdoor toy storage ideas would be well-suited for you. Before you want to buy any storage, just pay close eyes on our given top storage ideas that will help you a lot to choose the perfect one.

Make sure the outdoor toy storage ideas you are planning to buy is durable and stylish look as well because it will attract the kids quickly.




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