12 preschool winter activities to keep kids engaged even in the dead of winter!

preschool winter activities

Preschool winter activities: Hello guys! I hope you like my previous content art Activities for Preschoolers.Now I am going to write another helpful content for you. Winter just begins. I am always looking for fun winter activities for my kids to keep them engaged. I seek arts and crafts, educational ideas, simple science activities, and anything with a bit of wow factor. Sure, my kids do plenty of pretend play, building, drawing, and other low-key activities on their own. But sometimes we need projects that are extra interesting and extra fun.

Preschool children are at the age where they can begin to understand why snow falls in winter and why water turns to ice at a certain temperature. To teach your children about the wonders of winter, Check out these preschool winter activities for toddlers and find a few that will keep your preschoolers engaged and excited about learning even in the dead of winter!

12 preschool winter activities to keep kids engaged even in the dead of winter!

1.Create Colored Ice Sculptures

preschool winter activities
Create Colored Ice Sculptures

Colored Ice Sculptures for Kids are easy and fun to make. Collect some cups, muffin tins, bowls of various sizes and shapes.

You can use different size ice cube trays, food containers, and storage containers.Take some water and food coloring or liquid watercolors.

Fill up all of the trays and containers with liquid watercolors and freeze them. Pop and stack to create colorful ice sculptures. Next day your kids can enjoy using these colored ice shapes for building and play in the backyard. 

2.Snow Painting

preschool winter activities
Snow Painting

Snow painting is a great preschool winter activities for kids. It can be a fun way to be artistic outside with your toddler this winter. If your kids have extraordinary artistic talent, they will love the chance to explore a new medium to create their art. And if your kids aren’t especially artistic, they will still have fun.

Snow painting is easy, requires very little preparation. Just need different color and spray bottle. You can use plastic bows and brush. Fill the different spray bottle with the different color. Then send the kids out to paint and can keep the kids outside in the fresh air for a while.

Let their imaginations run wild! Create pictures, practice writing names or just have fun watching the snow transform from white to bright colors. You can also fill a large cookie tray with snow and kids can paint with the brush at home.


preschool winter activities

There’s nothing better than coasting through the cool air on a sled. Find a good hill and grab your tube, toboggan, or saucer for hours of entertainment. Sledding is fun for all ages. However, little children should ride with a parent and should be very much packaged in layers to stay warm and cushion their tumbles.

4.Building a Snowman

preschool winter activities
Building a Snowman

Babies and big kids equally will love to make a snowman in the yard, especially around the holidays. After stacking a few big snowballs to make the body, kids can use their imagination to find fruits, vegetables, sticks, berries, clothes, and other materials to bring their snowman to life. Younger kids can try this printable snowman activity and snowman craft.

5.Build a Fort

preschool winter activities
Build a Fort

Find long sticks and tree limbs with your kid and make a fort outside. Cover it with a sheet and light a candle inside. Be fun and let them have books and even lunch in there… you’ll be surprised how quiet they’ll be!

6.Go snowboarding or skiing

preschool winter activities
Go snowboarding or skiing

Skiing and snowboarding are awesome approaches to get kids moving. Snowboarding is most well-known preschool winter activities among twins and teenagers because they have the strength and abilities to stay upright and try more tricks.

But few children tie on a board before age 5 or 6. Simply ensure you have protective gear and wrap up. Lessons and safety gear, including a helmet, knee pads, wrist guards, and hip pads, are recommended because snowboarders of all ages have their share of spills.

7.Arctic Sensory Play

preschool winter activities
Arctic Sensory Play

This was so popular with my students I made two a year ago. The mixture of water and ice truly helps play with the arctic animal figurines and if the conversations I had about animals with my students in the past two years are any sign this is a magnificent expansion to any classroom.

8.Footprints in the Snow

preschool winter activities
Footprints in the Snow

Playing with snow dough is great fun for kids all year round, not just in winter.  I love how adding figurines to play dough boost imaginative play and language too.

9.Go for walk

preschool winter activities
Go for walk

Winter can be a wonderful time to Experience the sights and sounds of winter with a refreshing walk. There’s usually less foot traffic than in the spring and summer months, so your kids can take their time exploring the outdoors. Plus, they’ll be able to see nature in a new setting. Point out animals, birds, icicles and other unique winter features.

10.Play Snow target toss

preschool winter activities
Play Snow target toss

If you have a kid just learning how to take hold of and throw. Make a target using a hula hoop on the ground, and have kids create their own snowball and toss it into the target area. Challenge him or her to make balls from the snow and toss them at your legs to encourage their hand-eye coordination. Use different containers or change the target’s distance to make the game more challenging.

11.Create snow castles

Preschool winter activities
Create snow castles

Use the same toys as you would in the sandbox in the snow. See who can build the biggest snow castle.

12.Go on a Winter Nature Scavenger Hunt

preschool winter activities
Go on a Winter Nature Scavenger Hunt

Take your child outdoors for a real-life seek-and-find. Make a list of items for kids to find outdoors, such as pinecones, rocks, sticks, or leaves. Give each kid or group a container to collect the items on the list. Work on categorization skills by describing items the preschoolers should find, such as something smooth, something brown, or something hard

On the winter day, it can be challenging to keep both toddlers and preschoolers engaged. So whether the boys want to stay indoors and try some sensory play and painting, or want to burn off energy outdoors, having quick ideas in mind makes life so much more manageable. Do you and your kids love spending time outside during the winter? Planning Preschool winter activities can be a great alternative to being cooped up indoors all day, and often takes nothing more than a few simple items and some snow!




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