10 Best Rainy Day Activities for Kids to keep your kids busy at home


Rainy day activities for kids are the coolest option to keep your kids busy at home. It’s raining like cats and dogs in outside, right? No tension between mom and dad! Just make fun of your kids following our 10 finest rainy day activities for kids.

10 Best Rainy Day Activities for Kids

1. Kitchen fun

Kitchen fun is a great way, especially on a rainy day. Utilize the opportunity and introduce the cooking to your kids. Just pick up a very simple recipe for the food that your kids will love. Infect, some kinds of cake are very easy to prepare and delicious to eat.

rainy day activities for kids
Kitchen fun

Pizza and pasta sauce are super easy to prepare with younger of the family members. If your children are still too young, you need to take care of them as they can’t handle a sharp knife, liquid or piping hot food.
If you’re making the pizza, you can give some sort of task to him, for example, cleaning vegetable, tearing mozzarella cheese etc. Teach your kids this cooking stuff so early age so they can enjoy the likelihood of life.

2. Board Games

Board games are another great interesting game for your kids. Usually, you can get the board games on sale at any local toy store of New York City. These board games are found for the kids of all ages and levels.

rainy day activities for kids
Board Games

Now what you have to do is to buy a few and then, store in the cupboard only for a rainy day. If the rainy day comes, just get it out for your kids’ interesting play. New games and toys will keep your child excited and interested. Finally, your children can disappear on their own world through the art activities.

3. Tell nursery rhyme

Most of the children don’t know the old fashion nursery rhyme of previous day. You can collect some sort of nursery rhyme books. Even you can manage it from the library. Then, share old fashion tails and fictitious story to your children.

rainy day activities for kids
Tell nursery rhyme

You can make it much more fun. Just you need to select a favorite character of your little one and then, act when you start reading. Your children will understand the character even much better. They will get an extra energy on a rainy day.

4. Shaving Cream

Another funny activity on a rainy day is to play with shaving cream. I know it’s absolutely craziest thing but my kids love it. I do mention it’s probably a good idea to test your kids’ skills. But, make sure the cream doesn’t extend everywhere.

rainy day activities for kids
Shaving Cream

Now, what you need to do is to put some shaving cream on a table. Kids will love a lot to play with it. They can write and draw the picture on the shaving cream. You can say your children to write Alphabet or name of mom and dad. This is a really great tool to learn matters or how to learn writing.

5. Playing with seeds and bowl

This is a rainy day today and kids aren’t going anywhere. So, this is the time to play! You’re not finding what to do for kids who are already making you feel bored crying or soring. Ok, no tension! I’ll suggest you another sensible plan to do with your kids. For this game, you will need—a big plastic container, a small bowl, and a big spoon.

rainy day activities for kids
Playing with seeds and bowl

Then, you can put a bunch of seeds (or anything you like) in the big container. Now, tell the kids to put the seeds on small on the bowl with the help of a spoon, just like keeping the dishes. They can play with the seeds by grabbing, touching.

6. Coloring Pages

It is so sensual and educative activity. Kids might find it so interesting and funny. This is the great process to learn different colors. Basically, this kind of stuff they do going to school.

rainy day activities for kids
Coloring Pages

Kids can be thought alphabet, colors, shapes and seasonal occasion at home during the rainy day. Coloring pages are a super cool way to entertain the children during the rainy day. If the kids absorb the basics, they can draw their heart’s feelings. This type of fun art projects for kids or sensual works enhances children’s artistic creativity.

7. Making Mud Pies

Did you ever make any mud pie for your children? If not so, try to do it for your kids. When it’s raining like cats and dogs, this is the perfect time to introduce the traditional play.

rainy day activities for kids
Making Mud Pies

They can just take a lot of sands in a container and plant some small trees and flower on the sands.

8. Family Movie Day

Watching old kids’ TV show can be a great fun to beat the rainy day. You can also prepare some fun snakes too that you can take together in a time of enjoying the program.

rainy day activities for kids
Family Movie Day

Make completely a cinema hall in a room where kids can fully get entertained and introduce the various characters of the show. Later, tell them to disguise any funny character that they like. In this way, they can learn many things.

9. Making Fun Box

You can make a fun box for your little one. Your children can put their fun activities on a piece of paper and then mix them together and pick one like a grab bag.

rainy day activities for kids
Making Fun Box

It is really fun and cool way to play during the rainy day.

10. A Tea Party Occasion

Tea party occasion is another super cool rainy day activities for kids to overcome the rainy day. You can put on nice dress up just like poodle skirts. Both you and your daughter can have a nice rainy evening.

rainy day activities for kids
A Tea Party Occasion

You can enjoy a cup of tea watching the rain fall from your balcony that will turn your boring day into interesting funny day.

Above all, our rainy day activities for kids will be the best option to keep your kids in the artistic world.




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