Tips for sharing room with baby in a one bedroom apartment

Sharing room with baby

sharing room with baby: The arrival of a baby is certainly a cause for joy, but it can also become a cause for concern, especially when living in a one-room apartment. Let’s look at some tips on sharing room with baby to adapt the apartment to your new tenant.

You, along with your partner, are happy for the arrival of a baby. However, it’s the case with many marriages. You do not always have the means to change your floor, or to install a bigger one. Actually, it is about accommodating the baby in a one-room apartment, but always in the best conditions.

The arrival of a baby is an explosion of happiness for everyone, but for parents, it is also a time for changes at home both in the form of furniture and emotions. It is so important to learn how to organize the spaces so that you and your baby can proceed hand in hand. Although we can not promise the actual silence, we can make sure that your home will become an ideal space to enjoy the very special moments

sharing room with baby

There are several solutions to prepare the place for the baby. Firstly, you can choose sharing bedroom with baby, especially during the first three months. At that time, it is important to create your own universe thanks to a crib covered by a large veil, or putting curtains more appropriate for children.

11 Tips for Sharing Room with Baby

1. A sofa bed that is comfortable

If you prefer to sleep in separate rooms, you will have to decide who will sleep in the bedroom and who in the living room. Of course, it is always more tempting for parents to keep their own room. But this can also bring some drawbacks.

sharing room with baby
A sofa bed that is comfortable

If you have a baby sleeping in the living room and you want to prevent them from the invasion of toys, it may be preferable that you should invest in a sofa bed that is comfortable. At the same time, leave your bedroom to the baby so that each space can be well adapted.

2. Use rugs and other fabric to absorb sound

A rug can separate the room that allows parents to put their peaceful setting while keeping as a divider from a baby. Besides, a rug can suck sounds and make it secure for tiptoeing around your little one’s sleep schedule.

Sharing room with baby
Use rugs and other fabric to absorb sound

However, if you want to make an investment, try to buy a high-end rug that should be neutral shade. And it will work varying color patterns and schemes which will last for many years.

3. Double duty dresser

If you become really tight in your bedroom area, just get rid of the tension or keep away the unnecessary furniture. Infect, a dresser can be doubled as a bedside table in a pinch.

Sharing room with baby
Double duty dresser

Besides, if you have a sturdy or low dresser, attempt to set up a changeable table on top to remove the need for additional furniture. The movable change station can be used on the floor, and the bed will work as well.

4. Carve out functional nooks

Carefully test your bedroom and absorb the opportunities of every nook and cranny. Basically, this closet can be used as a sleeping nook for your little baby. If you have a railing at the top height, your small child can possibly sleep there too. A secure approach, however, will be moving an exact crib into the closet.

Sharing room with baby
Carve out functional nooks

You can use the closet as a baby caring station to save your space in the bedroom. And you can protect the space for another furnishing as well. Mounting offers the wall to put them readily accessible or enhances the space in the closet.

5.Choose light and bright colors

Although it is clear that color and lighting do not objectively modify the size of a room, it is known that they do help visually in that regard. When a room is painted in light colors and has well-placed natural or artificial light sources, it seems larger which makes the atmosphere more pleasant.

Sharing room with baby
Choose light and bright colors

If you have a small room and you recharge it with intense and dark colors, the effect will be completely opposite. So, in small spaces, you must give a bright and light color to achieve a better look. On the other hand, it is also important not to fill the room with too many ornaments and objects. Give the light color and get a wide look space.

6. Compact bedrooms as a workaround

If you have a limited space or you want sharing room with baby, the compact set is an excellent option to protect the space at your home. It is multifunctional and can be used as a bed or storage.

Sharing room with baby
Compact bedrooms as a workaround

Your baby or older kids can sleep too as the bed is not a small one. If your new baby is born, he/she can sleep there. Besides, it has a lot of drawers and dividers where you can store all pieces of your baby’s stuff.

7. Sort of boxes or baskets

Baby objects and clothes are small. And this can lead you to lose them easily or to be mixed with each other. If you use small baskets or boxes, you will be able to classify all your little things and take advantage of some holes. You can avoid the all messy atmosphere.

Sharing room with baby
Sort with boxes or baskets

Besides, boxes and baskets will allow you to find everything easier! It will also give you a nice décor. And you can save the space and it can be a great process of hiding all unnecessary pieces of stuff.

8. Utilize the stairwell

Every unused corner of your home is an opportunity to fill what children need for. For them, storage solutions and support furniture are essential to learning to comfortably handle them as they grow.

Sharing room with baby
Utilize the stairwell

For example, make use of the stairwell to store the baby’s cart. Or take advantage of the entrance of the house. Kids can easily put on and take off shoes, backpacks, jackets and even umbrellas.

Now they have space and can keep the necessary elements in the most comfortable way. So, when you touch them, you will know the habits in the end! Therefore, you can save the space and very easy to sharing room with baby.

9. Practical furniture   

Nowadays, there are many types of furniture with double functionality. For example, cribs convert into a bed, exchanges serve as a chest of drawers or shelves with bar hang the baby’s clothes. It is also very practical to place shelves on the wall, where you can place baskets with the most used utensils (diapers, wipes, cologne, comb etc)

Sharing room with baby
Practical furniture

In the rooms that have ample space, it is not bad to include in the corner. A comfortable armchair or rocker can breastfeed and newborn can sleep with comfort.

10. The removable cradle

The removable cradles are always an excellent choice for sharing room with baby. These cribs come in different designs and styles. All the removable cribs offer you the possibility to arm them only when they are needed. At the same time, you can move them where you need like outside the bedroom.

sharing room with baby
The removable cradle

They are super practical! So if you do not have space to create a room for your baby, you can add this detachable crib to your bedroom without having a drastic change in the decoration.
On the other hand, you can choose the crib that is Sidecar. It can be attached or docked next to the bed of mom. It is also a very good solution to create a temporary room for the baby. It will allow the mother to enjoy having their baby side of theirs while sleeping, also facilitate nocturnal breastfeeding.

11. Add a soft, flexible barrier around the crib

You can add a mild, flexible partition around the crib. It might be you and your little one will have different sleep schedules. So you may need some sort of separation in your bedroom. But, we all know that especially baby is a light sleeper.

sharing room with baby
Add a soft, flexible barrier around the crib

So there is a huge difference between you and your baby sleeping. Heavy-duty curtains which are hung around the perimeter of the crib could block the sounds and sights from the rest of the room.

Above all, if the house is not big enough to create a bedroom for the new member of the family, don’t worry!  You can add a cot in your bedroom with a good decoration taking advantage of the open spaces of this room. Besides, seeing the positive side, sleeping near your baby, you can provide your company and care all night.

When decorating a mixed bedroom, you have to pay a close attention to the small details. This is the only way to correctly conjugate the two environments without losing harmony. The first thing you have to do is to free up space. That means to remove all large furniture that is not used or furniture that is not related to rest. Finally, 11 tips for sharing room with baby will help you a lot to get a comfortable homey bedroom environment.




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