Create an amazing under stairs playhouse for your kids

under stairs
Create an amazing under stairs playroom for your kids

Under stairs playhouse -Hello, everyone! Today, I’ve appeared here with a bit different criteria for your dear one. Hopefully, you’re thinking, what’s that? Right! Ok, I don’t want to keep you in dark. Let me explain. Under stairs, the playhouse is a unique idea for your kids.

When I was a kid, I had a best friend who owned an under stairs playhouse. One day he surprised me inviting his house. He admitted me his under stairs playhouse. What a fantastic idea he got an Understairs playroom!

I awoke lying at night and imagined how great it would be to have such a space under stairs like that of my own. The next day, I got back and toured the room under stairs playhouse. I was so excited to see the space under stairs as it recollected me all those memories with my friends.

I immediately discussed with my parents and planned to turn it into a fabulous under stairs playhouse for me.

If someone mentions a staircase with a closet, you think of that little room where Harry Potter slept at the beginning of his films, it’s not for something to worry about. On the contrary, you’re on the right path to give him a more creative look at the infinite possibilities you can offer. Sometimes we do not take all the juice that’s under our stairs.

Decorating the space under stairs for your children, you can create universes full of fantasy where they lack nothing, from a kitchen to a small craft workshop. These play space under stairs can be accompanied by tables and chairs to be comfortable, a sofa to watch TV and even treasure chests to store their toys.

However, the stairwell is always a dilemma in small houses … What is there to do? Does the hole fall and something are done or is left as it is not to do works? If you have decided to open the stairwell, here we leave a few very original ideas for you to give a very practical use. It is a very good idea, as I said before if you have a small house…

8 Best ideas on how to take advantage of spaces under stairs

1.The mini room with stairs playhouse

In the case of preferring the bottom of the closed staircase, you can take advantage of the space to create a room. This space can be very useful as a storage room, cupboard, small Under stairs playroom for children, toilet, hall or even the corner of our pets.

under stairs playhouse
TThe mini room under stairs playhouse

Besides, it will also be interesting that the access door is perfectly integrated into the staircase so, when it is closed, everything is uniform. And only it is appreciated that there is a room when opening.

2.A small study to work with

Taking advantage of the space under the stairs to create a corner home study is an excellent choice. Another benefit you can take from the hole under the stairs is to create a small workspace.

under stairs playhouse
A small study to work with

By sitting most of the time on the desktop, the height will not be a problem, so this option can be an ideal for stretching the meters. Besides, you can also make the hole as a bookstore. Always keep the elements that fit your style

3.Closet under the stairs

One of the most common uses of the space under stairs is the place where the built-in closet. This can be a closet under the stairs where you can hide many things. At the same time, you can add a new note inside the room.

under stairs playhouse
Closet under the stairs

In the closet, you can put on board a children’s bicycle, skiing, sledding, fishing, folding furniture for cottages and gardens, winter clothing and much more.

4.Indoor Plants

For nature lovers, plants at home can offer a refreshing touch of corridors and stairs. The large planks provide a good fit to the large space under stairs. To decorate, some river stones could be located on the floor surface provided for the plants.

under stairs playhouse
Indoor Plants

A platform can be annexed in that area so that there is an inclusion of everything: the plants, their land and the stones of the river. Because there is dark wood on the floor of the room and stairs, plus the laminate of dark stones on one of the walls, it is necessary to give a contrast such as white so that there is a balance in colors and elements.

Stones and plants produce an organic and fresh effect on the environment. They give comfort and balance also to all the elements which are available there. In the natural elements, representations of earth and fire are present in this image, which gives a harmonious combination of elements to this space.

5.Using of Wardrobe

For those who have a great variety of clothing or have had new members in the family and need where to put a new closet, the space under stairs is ideal. It is quite obvious that you can put together a few compartments and create a cupboard under the stairs.

under stairs playhouse
Using of Wardrobe

The creation of divisions can be diverse, such as creating an individual storage space under stairs for shoes or shirts and add another compartment for garments that need to be on clothes hook, such as jackets and pants.

This cabinet is ideal because it is not occupying an additional space in the corridor, the doors are impulse such as a drawer whose way of opening is to pull the handles out and the handles present are subtle, horizontal and steel.

By giving them the same color as the walls of the house, it provides a camouflage appearance to this wardrobe and its presence is scarcely noticeable. The colors in balance produce a contrasting effect of the wood, the white of the walls and the doors of the closet.

6.Study Room

In some cases, it is difficult to identify where to locate a study for the youngest, where they can have their own space and concentrate when doing homework. Without much thought, that place under the stairs may end up being the ideal place to build and adopt an alternative study at home.

under stairs playhouse
Study Room

The addition of table, drawers, and shelves is enough to give the proper environment to the new study. The color of the wall influences much in the space since it is a place with a little reduced and dark.

And the idea is the white and perhaps provide to the desktop with a color natural wood so that it can make a contrast with both the wall and the wood floor Dark tone. The blue in the chest of drawers gives an atmosphere of peace and concentration.

7.Shoes and your whole wardrobe

Sometimes we could end up accumulating a lot of shoes, where the closet is not enough for what we have. As in one of the previous images in this post, it has been suggested the idea of a closet or space with different compartments.

under stairs playhouse
Shoes and your whole wardrobe

But this new idea suggests the creation of drawers for shoes. In these, drawers are actually made with different spaces or levels, with the intention of ingeniously taking advantage of spaces.

For example, the first is a level for a pair of shoes; the second is with two levels for two pairs of shoes and the third with three for three pairs of shoes. Because the home furniture has already been set with a single shade of dark brown,

8.Preference for storage: Drawers

It may be the problem is not the amount of clothing you can own, but you may need to have a space for towels, tablecloths and cleaning accessories like the vacuum cleaner. These items can end up attached to our private closet. For many people, this is a nightmare and gives the house as a disorganized touch.

under stairs playhouse
Preference for storage: Drawers

The space under the stairs often goes unnoticed. But giving it a structure of small and diverse sizes of compartments, you’ll find an opportunity to locate everything in one place by organizing all those elements that are needed on a daily basis. Here again, the contrast of colors brings balance to the environment: the dark woods of the floors, 

Finally, what can we do with the whole space under stairs? This consultation has been done by many people who have interior stairs at home. And it is well organized; it is a place that we can get a lot of space. In the design of the structure or railing of the stairs, we must pay special attention to this space and try to make the most of it.

For saving your space or decorating your house, our 8 best solutions using space under stairs can be an ideal for you. If you want to know more about baby items, just follow us on Facebook. Hopefully, you will get the topmost idea through our niche.
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