11 Top water activities for toddlers


In summer, children have a lot of free time and it is advisable to look for water activities for toddlers so that they can’t spend all day in front of the television. It is best to take advantage of the high temperatures and jump into the pool, a place where they can enjoy games and sports, and practice their social skills.

They can meet new friends or strengthen those they already have. With the fun water activities for toddlers, they can do their teamwork that is inspirable, and sedentary lifestyle is eliminated.

Here are some ideas to take the children to practice different water activities for toddlers and get the benefits they offer.

11 top water activities for toddlers

1.Search the object

The children who take part in the competition are inside the pool. Now, one has to throw an object on the pool. A small object that sinks in on the pool, now participants will have to look for diving.

water activities for toddlers
Search the object

The first one who finds he will be the winner. With water game ideas, the body is exercised as they will have to swim. And they can enhance other skills such as holding their breath or speed.


water activities for toddlers

The races are a classic of water sports. We find endless variations to make them more fun. We can make forward, backward, butterfly style, doggy style, diving, jumping, tumbling, float or various accessories etc.

3.Shoot the partner

water activities for toddlers
Shoot the partner

Inside the pool, a participant climbs onto a board or an inflatable. Now the others will try to push him down by throwing inflatable balls or sticking with polyethylene cylinders (known as “pool churros”). Of course, it has to be with care or without hurting. When he falls, he will be replaced by another player. Winner will be who endures the longest time without being pushed down.

4.The two towers

This well-known game is also about overthrowing the opponent. Two groups of two people are formed. One climbs on the shoulders of the other and the two groups face for throwing the opponent into the water. In this water play ideas, strength and endurance are practiced.

5.Pass the ball

water activities for toddlers
Pass the ball

In this team game, players have to quickly pass the ball under water without coming to the surface. Who gets the ball will be removed from the game, and wins the last one.

6.Guess the song under the water

A participant is chosen who must think a song. When you dive into the water together the other players will sing it, and the goal will be for someone to guess what it is. The one who hits it is the next to sing.

7.Pedal boat

water activities for toddlers
Pedal boat

Pedal boats are an excellent way to spend unique moments with your family. At the same time, you exercise your legs a bit. It is one of the most typical fun water activities for preschoolers done with family and friends at any beach.

Sail out to sea a few meters and dive down the characteristic of the slides of these traditional pleasure boats. The dip at that marine height is much more pleasant and peaceful than anywhere else.

Laughter will not miss your appointment before, during and after this marine exploration. Undoubtedly, laughter will be a fixed ingredient when renting a pedal boat. Try this water activity in summer!

8.Banana boat a water activity

water activities for toddlers
Banana boat a water activity

To have a fun time in marine waters, we recommend you to try the banana boat. It is an elongated inflatable boat that is towed by a boat. This curious water activity emerged in the 80s thanks to the idea of Glenn Matthews.

Three to ten people can enjoy the route that makes this inflatable mattress. Laughter and fun are two components that never fail in the routes of this boat. It will hurt your guts from laughing so much!

9.Diving a fun water activity

water activities for toddlers
Diving a fun water activity

It is a somewhat more sedate but highly super exciting sport. You should know the practicing these water activities for toddlers. You run the risk of falling in love with the marine and ocean depths that all coast contains.

Fortunately, United States is full of rich natural heritage in its waters. Thousands are the coastal spots where you can dive and contemplate an amazing world that we still do not know much about.

10.Water balloons bed

water activities for toddlers
Water balloons bed

5 beds of water balloons are prepared on the edge of the pool (as many as groups). For this, players fill water balloons and blow some air inside. They are placed in rows forming a rectangle as if it were a bed.

The purpose of the game is to pass over the bed without exploding any balloon. In turn, the members of the teams will pass over the balloons. Win the group that fewer balloons have exploded.

11.Jumping Championship

A giant float is placed in the water. The players, by teams, jump into the water with the intention of sneaking inside the float. The group that manages to sneak through the float will be the winner.

Where can you find the right pool?

In summer, the number of swimming pools in which you can swim is multiplied. Open-air establishments are opened and they make offers to the public. These are the most common places:

– Gyms. The gyms pools are especially dedicated to sports, so it is the most recommended when children want to swim.

– Own swimming pools. If you are fortunate enough to have a pool of your own, your duty is to make the most of it. Invite your friends and organize the games that we have recommended for children since you have complete freedom to do so.

– Sports centers. Many sports centers have outdoor pools whose entrance is at a good price. If you want to socialize, it is the ideal place, but it is not the quietest place if you just want to go swimming.

-Waterparks. Obviously, it is not a place to go every day, but, since they only open in summer it would be a good idea to visit water park a couple of times. It is the place where they will have more fun, that’s for sure.

Undoubtedly, fun pool games for kids are the best part of summer because you can swim while having fun.




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