Baby in own room- When should baby sleep in own room

baby in own room

One of the key questions is when to put baby in own room.  Typically, answer arises when a baby starts to fulfill a few months is the time to move the baby in own room. During pregnancy, it is common to dedicate one of the rooms of the house to the future baby.

There are several magazines and movies that teach us about decorating the room. And there are different alternatives when it comes to putting it to our liking. Besides, painting, valance, teddy bears, the crib, the wardrobe, the chest of drawers, the changer and a long etcetera will form the whole of the future baby’s room.

However, when the long time for child arrives in the world you realize that you still can not open your room (at least not at night) because it requires attention and food often.

Months pass and the alarm bells start to warn you that your baby is starting to grow older to be with you. There are people who say it when they are two months old, others when they are four and others when they are six and older.

If parents decide that their baby sleeps alone in their own room. Is it an appropriate time to make the change? We tell you what you have in mind. Just do it!  If you think your baby is ready to stay there or you want to move them, it’s your decision what to do. But we suggest, value your own thoughts. We have just shown some steps When to put baby in own room.

When to put baby in own room?

baby in own room
When to put baby in own room?

So much word I have said! I have not answered yet. Ok, listen! A baby should come to the room when the father, the mother and the baby want to do it (although the decision of the parents usually weighs more than the baby when it comes to proposing it or the baby when it comes to keeping it).

I say when they all want it, because, there is no psychological alteration or psychiatric illness that originates from sleeping with the parents for several months or years (or at least there is no evidence of it).

If so, the world would be full of psychopaths and disturbed because there are many children who sleep with parents, although few parents verbalize it.

There is also the factor “dream of the parents”. Most babies and children wake up at night. Passing them to the room means that the parents have to take more walks on the floor when the baby claims them.

If baby makes simple fact like calling or crying, it will be more difficult to go back to sleep. On the other hand, it would be easy if the baby could sleep closer to parents.

Your house is yours and mine is mine.

When some parents tell me what to do at night, I simply tell them to do what makes them feel better. There is no evidence of what is best, so do what you want. It’s your house, it’s your nights and it’s your son, so you lock the door, you go to sleep and do what you think is best.

Some parents want to change the room, but do they have enough room?

Do you have another bedroom? Because the reality is that many families do not. In many cases, they plan to change homes when necessary. But what does it mean to say to parents that it would be good when the reality is that they can not do it?

So far you sleep in the same bedroom. How are you all resting? If the answer is, all rest well. There is no need to make the change.

Causes of baby in own room

baby in own room
Causes of baby in own room

–One thing is that parents prefer to do it for other issues, such as recovering intimacy as a couple … That may be important. But when they do not rest well? Then in some cases, they can improve if the child sleeps in their own bedroom. But it’s not always like this. It depends on what the reason is that they do not rest well.

–There is one case where you can improve clearly: There are children who are very active during sleep. They sleep, but they move a lot, they make noises … And some parents are light sleepers and wake up every time when the child does one of those things.

In this case, it is the clearest. The child rests, but the parents do not. If the child sleeps in their own bedroom, parents will not constantly see their sleep interrupted at all. It does not benefit the child that his parents do not rest for all night.

–In the end, it’s a matter of options. There are parents for whom all this is unnecessary and absurd. They sleep with their children in the marriage bed and rest reasonably well, or even very well. And they prefer this option until the child chooses to sleep alone. It is a choice as valid in my opinion as for the other.

Some of the things dads can do to rest quietly if separation happens.

  • Leave the door of the room to allow the usual sounds to reach the baby’s ears. This will reassure you because it is the environment and the sounds you know.
  • Use monitors, known as a baby call that will allow you to hear not only the crying but the rhythm of the baby’s breathing.
  • Let the baby rest in the proper position. The latest scientific recommendations suggest putting him on his back. You should also take care of the temperature of the room.

How to Prevent Sudden Death Syndrome

baby in own room
How to Prevent Sudden Death Syndrome
  •  Do not smoke or carry the baby to places with smoke. Tobacco smoke directly affects you because it takes away oxygen and can reduce the capacity of your lungs.
  • Do not let the child get too warm. To do this, keep the room at an average temperature – about 18 ° -, do not use electric or leather blankets or hot water bottles in the crib and avoid the profusion of stuffed animals.
  • Place the baby’s crib away from radiators or stoves, to avoid direct heat.
  • Lay the baby on his back, on his back – if he is on his side, he can turn and face down – and with the child’s feet touching the base of the crib. This will prevent it from sliding down and covering the sheets.

If you have any questions regarding your baby’s health, go to the doctor’s office.

How long should baby sleep in parents’ room?

baby in one room
How long should baby sleep in parents’ room?

The age to pass a baby to another room depends on various factors. It is a personal decision. However, if the parents make the decision to have the baby sleep in a room of their own, this change can happen after seven or eight months. When separation anxiety usually appears, a transitory stage in that baby may cause. They will feel abandoned when he stops seeing his mom or dad. They will be also much more aware of their environment. Then, it is often much more difficult to make the transition.

Finally, when to put baby in own room completely rely on parents’ mindset. If you think you and your baby are ready, change can happen.





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